SEO 2020: 5 Black-Hat Backlinks To Stay Away From

Creating a good backlink structure is imperative for every SEO strategy. However, considering the level of growing search competition since the last decades, webmasters often find themselves indulging in creating poor backlinks that hurt their site’s search rankings.

Every professional New Jersey SEO Agency aims at ranking websites at the highest position possible in the search results. However, if you or your agency is indulging in creating mediocre or low-quality backlinks, the probability of your website to rank higher in the search is next to nil.

5 Types Of Backlinks To Avoid In SEO
In this article, we will discuss the five types of SEO you must avoid at all costs for maintaining a healthy website –

1.Press Release Links
2.Blog Comments
3.Automatic Link Building Programs
4.Foreign Discussion Forums
5.Social Bookmark Links

Let’s get into the details!
1. Press Release Links

Let me begin by stating that this is a decade-old strategy which is now on a decline. Earlier, these links were effortless to get. You just had to write your business press release and post it to hundreds of press release accepting websites.
This way, you would quickly generate hundreds of backlinks.

However, just like any other mainstream SEO strategy, press release links also got abused. Now, Google recognizes these press release links as link schemes because they have become straightforward to manipulate.

In case you absolutely have to build press release links, the best practice is to avoid using your main money keyword as your anchor text. Instead, use branded or naked URLs as your anchor text and keep the limit to only one link in the contact area towards the end of the press release.

2. Blog Comments
Imagine that you have written a blog post on the topic – 10 benefits of travelling.

But you see people mentioning links that are highly irrelevant to your article’s topic. For example, if someone mentions a link that redirects you to an obscene website.

How will you feel?

Blog Comments is probably the most misused SEO strategy ever. Blog comments are also what people term “comment spamming”, and rightly so!

Spam Comments. Do. Not. Work!

Instead, all it does is show your brand in a negative light and reduces your quality significantly. Also, you can really thank the introduction of nofollow links because of spam blog comments.

3. Automatic Link Building Programs
Many new webmasters highly rely on these automated programs to streamline their backlinking strategy, only to be hit in the gut when they find out that their websites begin to rank lower than they used to.

Being in the SEO-biz, we all have heard about the popular link building programs and software like GSA Search Engine Ranker, XRumer, Scrape Box?
Sure, using these tools, you can generate a lot of backlinks. But are you sure that these links work?

This is one of the things that differentiates an established SEO Company in New Jersey rom fresher SEO executives.

4. Foreign Discussion Forums

Before we discuss it in detail, to be honest, not all forum discussions are bad for building backlinks.

In case you are receiving backlinks from an official foreign discussion forum, with the links not being spammy or manipulative, you must keep it.
However, despite some good foreign discussion forums, many forums are full of low-quality spam links that can affect your website health poorly. If this is the case, you must disavow such links immediately.

5. Social Bookmark Links

Google considers social bookmarking links to be manipulative as well.
This is why if you indulge in creating social bookmark links, it will cause you a lot of trouble. You must steer clear from creating social bookmark links in bulk. This is because they are mostly manually placed and are way too spammy!


To make sure that your website is healthy at all times and is slowly and gradually climbing up the search ranking stairs, consider sticking to the following routine –

●Conduct a technical SEO audit every two weeks to uncover any potential technical or crawling or broken link issues.
●A content audit every month to ensure that your website’s content stays updated at all times.
●A backlink audit to keep an eye for any poor or low-quality links so that you can disavow them to protect your website health in the search.

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