Sets of kitchen knives made of damask steel

 Sets of kitchen knives made of damask steel

Damascus knives set

Damascus steel has been known to mankind for many centuries. It is valued for its durability, reliability, and excellent performance. 

If earlier the material was used mainly for the manufacture of edged weapons and was available only to wealthy warriors, today the range of its application has expanded. 

Knives for various purposes are made from damask steel: for hunting and fishing, tourism, as well as professional kitchens. You can buy a set of kitchen knives made of high-quality damask steel in the specialized online store “Damascus1”.

We work directly with the best Russian craftsmen who produce bulat according to traditional recipes. A certificate of conformity is provided with each model of the finished product.


Damascus steel is an alloy of iron and carbon, which has a lot of advantages:

an organic combination of increased strength and elasticity, thanks to which the blade can be bent. 

But almost impossible to break; durability – the manufacturer’s warranty is about 10 years; throughout the entire period, even with intensive use, the blade retains its original appearance; Does not require frequent sharpening, 

remains sharp for a long time; excellent cutting properties – kitchen knives made of bulat perfectly cope with any work from cutting vegetables to cutting fish and meat; ·        

aesthetics and sophistication – thanks to the unique and inimitable pattern on the blade, such a product can become a real decoration of any modern kitchen.

Damascus kitchen knife
Damascus kitchen knife

Care instructions

For Damascus steel kitchen knives to serve you for as long as possible, you need to properly care for them. To do this, after each use, they should be thoroughly cleaned and wiped dry. 

It will not be superfluous to rub with vegetable oils, which will prevent the formation of the patina. It is necessary to sharpen knives on time. However, it should be remembered that sharpening damask products is a difficult and time-consuming process; ordinary kitchen sharpeners are not suitable for this. 

It is also recommended to use diamond stones of different grain sizes, they are specially designed for steels with a high degree of hardening.


You will find high-quality and reliable kitchen knives made of damask steel in the catalog of the Damascus1 online store. We work directly with the best craftsmen in Damascus, so we offer fairly reasonable prices. 

Pay attention to the kitchen set made of cast damask steel, which includes 4 knives: · universal; loin; meat; chefs.         

The stand is made of natural wood. The handles are ergonomically shaped, fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, and do not slip during operation. If necessary, we can order finishing of the cutting edge on German equipment, engraving, and gift wrapping.

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