Seven Tips To Pick And Style A Console Table For Your Home

 Seven Tips To Pick And Style A Console Table For Your Home

Console tables have long been used more for decorative purposes than functionality. They are artsy, attractive and enhance the beauty of the room. Console tables are placed against the wall, the back of the sofa, or fill up spaces in a room/ hallway. 

However, console tables can add functional value to the room while beautifying the space. It depends on what you choose and how you style it. Do you know that you can easily order a console table online? Yes! You need a little information to make the right decision. 

Let’s look at a few valuable tips to pick and style a console table for your sweet home. 

  • Console Table with Shelves 

Console tables can double up as a storage space, that too, without cluttering the room. A console with one or two racks below the surface is perfect for arranging a few essentials or decorative pieces (or both) without highlighting their presence. Moreover, if the console is in the dining room or near the bar, you can use the shelves to display glassware. Place books, ceramic vases, wicker baskets, etc., if you want a more cozy and rustic effect. 

  • Colorful Reading Corner 

If you are a book lover, use the console table to create a reading corner right in the living room. Place the console under a window to make the most of natural light. The table can double up as a reading desk with ornate legs. Brighten up the space by adding a cushion bench or stool in a cheerful color. Place a flower vase on the corner of the console and arrange your favorite books. You can even include a desk lamp to read at night. Go for simple designs to optimize space usage. 

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  • Mix and Match Styles 

When you buy a console table online, you don’t always need to stick to the existing style or décor. Try something different by using a vintage-style console in a contemporary setting or vice versa. You can blend the styles using art pieces, wall painting, ornate vases, etc. This will give you more options to mix and match the décor and redesign the layout of the room. Another advantage of mixing styles is that you have more options to choose from within your budget. 

  • Unconventional is Good Too 

Don’t let unconventional designs make you wary. You can change the appearance of the room by going for something other than traditional. Maybe a bigger console can act as the dominant piece in the room. Or a curved console can be tucked into a corner. Even a pedestal with a single vase can bring a touch of elegance to the room. There’s no reason to opt for safer designs. Go different; go bold. 

  • A Bench is a Console Table 

Yes, it is. A bench can easily double up as a console table. Go for polished surfaces, decorated legs, or country-style models. You can use the console as a stand for a large frame of a painting, photo, or a huge art piece that deserves its own space in the room. It also helps you easily move the console and the frame to parts of the house if you want to revamp the interiors. You can cover the bench with a table cloth to highlight the items displayed on it. 

  • Wood or Metal 

One thing you need to decide when choosing a console table online is the material used. Do you prefer wood or metals or a combination of both? All of them are equally good choices. Rather, you can even go one step ahead and include stone. The marble surface is a great choice for consoles, especially if your room has a white/ off-white theme. Place two furry white stools under the console table. White candles or sleek lamps can be used to complete the look. 

  • Minimalistic Designs 

Minimalism is trending around the world. A minimalistic console table comes with a sleek surface and slender legs. These consoles occupy little space and fit right into the layout. Whether you place them in the hallway, under the stairs, or near the dining table, such consoles add value to the space without calling attention to their presence. Get a console with small drawers to store keys, etc., where they are easy to reach. You can also go for smaller consoles with sturdy legs and place a mirror on the wall right above the console. 

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