Show How Much You Care of Your Pet!

In recent years there has been an explosion in the number of ways you can personalise a gift, showing the one you are giving to just how special they are to you!

Modern technology has made it possible for us to customise everything from greetings cards to mugs and T-shirts to create one of a kind gifts that will be cherished and valued forever!

This phenomenon is now within the reach of and for pet lovers.

The talented people at have a tempting selection of custom pet gifts that you can put your custom design on and with an impressive range of styles and sizes within each custom gift type, the possibilities for creating a unique custom pet gift are vast!

In conjunction with woofblankets you can design a custom pet blanket, mug or portrait (or any combination of the three!) in a few simple mouse clicks.

Simply visit the woofblankets website at, upload a photo of the pet or pets that are to be the subject of your custom pet gift, choose your selected gift type, style and size and wait for the talented woofblanket design team to email you their design proposal for your approval.

Once the team have received your approval (and they never go ahead without it!) they will work on making your custom pet gift idea a reality and within a matter of days your unique creation will be arriving at your door!

The blessed recipient of your wonderful creation is sure to have their heart warmed by the personal touch that the personalized pet gift you have taken time and thought to make for them brings.

And even if the gift you’ve crafted in conjunction with the woofblanket team is for your own beloved furry friend, they’re sure to know how much the gift shows how much you care for them too!

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