Significance of Obtaining an AWS Certification For Your Growth

 Significance of Obtaining an AWS Certification For Your Growth

Cloud computing is the new buzzword in the world of technology. Large or small, every business is migrating its apps, infrastructures, and old systems to the cloud. Professionals in the field of cloud computing are thus in great demand nowadays. For this reason, enrolling in an AWS certification course in Chennai is a must if you plan to pass the AWS certification exam.

Benefits of Learning AWS

If you’ve been considering taking an AWS course, now is the time to do it. If you have AWS certification, you can find a job or establish your own business. Taking an AWS beginner’s course is a great way to determine if AWS is suited for you and which path to go next.

The following are some of the reasons why studying AWS and obtaining certification will be beneficial to both newbies and cloud pros and those who wish to create a career or grow their business.

  • Migration of Enterprise Cloud Services to AWS

The global public cloud services market is predicted to develop at a CAGR of 17.5%. There are many obstacles and hurdles that organizations experience while moving their apps and services to the cloud; thus, they require specialized and customized services.

As a result, the need for cloud specialists who can assist firms in making the shift from traditional IT infrastructure to the cloud is growing. Professionals and companies with a deep understanding of cloud platforms, particularly AWS, are highly sought.

  • Affordability in Access and Costs

A free AWS account is available to novices, learners, and apprentices, as well as anybody who wishes to get a feel for AWS. Some free services are available to users with a free tier account, and these services will remain free indefinitely. Other free accounts are accessible for a year, as well as a few premium services that may be tried out for free.

EC2, S3, Automatic Bandwidth Allocation, and Amazon RDS are some of the featured services. There may be some restrictions on how much you may use some of these services, but they are more than adequate for getting a taste of what the flexible pay-as-you-use service has to offer.

  • In Cloud Adoption, AWS is the Most Popular Platform

According to research, AWS occupies 1/3rd of the infrastructure as a service market, which is about equal to the combined market share of Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. At the moment, the entire IaaS market share is less than half that of the SaaS industry, indicating that the IaaS market has significant room for expansion.

As long as the current trends continue, we should expect to see a massive increase in AWS usage over the next few years. IT workers who want to progress their careers or start companies on Amazon Web Services (AWS) may rest easy knowing that understanding the platform is a sure bet.

  • Easy Access to AWS Community

When you get an AWS certification, you become eligible to join the AWS LinkedIn network, where you can view and connect with other AWS-certified professionals from around the globe, as well as receive invitations to several international events or AWS conferences.

The “Amazon certified logo” and a digital badge will be shared with you when you join the AWS community. We’re all aware that the AWS Cloud platform is in great demand right now and that it works with Fortune 100 customers; thus, AWS is constantly building new tools and publishing all the changes on their forum to aid AWS certified professionals.

  • Validating Expertise and Reputation

Your competence is demonstrated best for prospective employers and clients when you can establish your credibility and trust. One of the simplest methods to show knowledge and credibility is to obtain a certificate that proves your competence in a certain field. Companies and clients may be sure that a professional has undergone extensive training and can effectively execute what is required by an AWS certification exam.

As a bonus, companies with a large number of AWS-certified personnel are granted membership to the AWS Partner Network. Using AWS services, enterprises may better serve their customers with the help of extra training and resources. The more certifications a business holds, the more benefits it may receive through the AWS Partner Network’s tiered structure.

  • AWS Learning Resources Are Abundant

Since 2013, AWS certifications have been accessible. Many books, seminars, forums, manuals, and AWS practice tests are available for everyone who wants to learn about AWS. Before and after certification, several AWS communities are available both online and in-person to assist anyone pursuing an AWS career.

  • Increase the Number of Projects

If you’re a freelancer, AWS certification perks can help you gain more work! When freelancers have an AWS certification, they are more trusted by their clients.

AWS certification grants you access to digital badges, as we previously explained. When utilized correctly in social media and digital signatures, digital badges may be an effective marketing tool. Your clients will be impressed by your credibility when they see a digital badge.

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