Silver city housing scheme Rawapindi

This residential development “Silver city housing scheme ” by the construction firm “Lead Marketing” is two blocks with nine buildings of different heights situated in the Islamabad district in Punjab.

Silver City Rawapindi

Your new apartment

Your new place located in the “Silver City Rawapindi“SILVER KEYS is a new residential complex located in the middle of Islamabad. The complex comprises houses with a mix of floors with 14-25 floors. Kindergartens and a school are constructed.

The area surrounding it has a well-developed infrastructure which has been in place for a while. Schools, kindergartens and a clinic, as well as The Mega Mall shopping center and the Spartak Ice Palace are all close to the walking distance. For those who enjoy sports there’s an indoor pool as well as fitness centers.

The mortgage in the residential complex “Silver city housing scheme Islamabad”

We offer our clients mortgage loans through our bank partners with excellent terms.

We also offer an individual mortgage at the cost of 5% per year with an upfront payment of 20 percent if your family includes 2 or more kids born within the time period beginning in January 2018.

About the creator “Center”

located in the housing complex “Silver City Housing Scheme Islamabad”In the residential complex, the construction firm “Lead Marketing” is engaged in the construction of multi-storey structures and is among the top 10 construction firms located in Islamabad.

Our company has a wealth of experience in the construction of structures under a general contract. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies and the most modern materials make it possible, in contrast to other construction firms to provide a complete approach to the building of facilities, which is in many aspects innovative, for the construction industry in the country. services.

All of our items are available for rental and are populated at the right time. One of these is our residential area “Blue World City”, which was completed in time.

In the last quarter of 2018 We are a trusted development company in Russia.

Dear all participants who are sharing construction!

We’d wish to notify you of the project for capital construction includes “Multi-storey residential buildings, engineering support in quarter No. 1 of the Silver city housing scheme” in Islamabad. The construction is in the first stage. The residential building is no. 5. Building 1 and 2 “was made operational.

In this context we are hereby advising you of the conclusion on the building of the specified Object and our readiness to transfer the shared construction in the event of the transfer upon the basis of an agreement to participate to shared construction.

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