Simple Guide to 1×2 Betting Prediction &Tips

 Simple Guide to 1×2 Betting Prediction &Tips

Today I want to explain to you about the main betting market or at least the most common two bets in any sport. I’m talking about the full-time market also known as 1×2 betting. I’m going to explain to you what is 1×2 betting? what time of bets you can place the most popular esports for this kind of market?

And of course, some 1×2 betting tips and tricks to use in this kind of market everything now.

What is 1×2 Betting Prediction

The first question I want to answer is what is 1×2 Prediction
betting, to be honest, this market is really straightforward so as the name suggests with the 1×2 betting market you will be backing which team is going to win the game or if there is going to end up in a drone.
Therefore if you pack the one result you are betting for the home team. If you are betting for the two you are back in the away team. And if you are betting on the x you are predicting a drone.

I think this is pretty easy to understand in my opinion this can be applied to every single sport.
Although in many of them we cannot choose the draw option for instance we cannot bet in a draw in a tennis game or a basketball game.

Besides, you need to take into consideration that this outcome is for the full time so we don’t take into consideration any extra time that might occur during the games.
Now that we understand what we intend for 1×2 betting is time to see different kinds of bets you can place with 1×2 prediction.

The first one full time this is the most popular one you will bet on the winner of the game at the full time.
Then we have 1×2 first half here we will try to guess only who will win the first half of the game.
So in a football game, only the first 45 minutes will be taken into consideration. We can also bet of course in 1×2 second half so in this case we will try to guess who is the winner of the second half of the game and finally we can also bet in handicap.

1×2 handicap this happens when a team is overpowering the other one so we give an advantage to a certain team you can have more info about Asian handicap in our article about it then let’s take a look at the different sports we can use to make our bets in the 1×2 market.

1×2 Betting in football

1×2 betting is most commonly known for football betting but there are also some of the other games where 1×2 betting is used. Their names might be different but the basic prediction is the same for every sport.

1×2 Betting in Baseball

Let’s switch to another popular sport light basketball here we don’t have the x because it’s not possible to have a draw in a basketball game. And we can also find the name of Moneyline for this market really used in the US.
And in a basketball game, we have more options in this market the main one you are going to see is Moneyline including overtime now we can switch to full time so the overtime is not included.

Then you can choose the first half or the second half and even you can choose the winner of every quarter.

And then we can take a look at another popular sport like tennis, we will see similarities with other sports like badminton or table tennis. Best of five sets as you can see 1×2 betting is a very straightforward market and all of us use it if you follow our tipping.

1×2 Prediction Tips

  1. The first tip about 1×2 prediction I’ll give to you is to follow the experts’ read check the stats and see what tipsters say is the best option to know where we can win more money.
  2. Second tip check also our value bets tools.
  3. Third tip doesn’t trust the favorites always as you can imagine the odds for the favorites are always lower and our risk of losing our bet can be still high especially when big favorites play away from home they tend to suffer and lose or drop. So in the long run you will lose money if you always trust favorites.
  4. The fourth tip I can give you take always into consideration that from usually draws pay around three or four-point zero meaning that if you get with one-third of a unit you can still make a good profit just being right once every three times betting in draws is a good betting strategy that can give you many many good choices.
  5. Fifth tip is careful with akkas we all love accumulators and every time we add another result to the payslip we are seeing our odds growing and growing but also our chance to get it right is lower one game fails us and we will lose our bet.

Now it’s your time to check the best odds for the 1×2 prediction market or full-time market.

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