Six Effective Ways To Diamond Drilling Efficiency In 2021

 Six Effective Ways To Diamond Drilling Efficiency In 2021

Diamond Drilling

The global construction industry is an ever-evolving sphere where the contractors and project managers work consistently to improve their productivity and architecture quality.

 Over the past decade, the diamond drilling technique has gained massive popularity in the construction industry due to its ability to deliver optimal drilling results. However, no process is free from minor issues; thus, neither is diamond drilling. 

Like every other industry, diamond drilling also faces some setbacks that can reduce the productivity of experts. This process can be optimized with minor tweaks, and the setbacks can be minimized or avoided entirely. 

In this article, diamond drilling London experts have shared some of the most effective tips to improve the efficiency of the drilling process. Read on to know how diamond drilling specialists can maximize results from their efforts. 

Diamond Drilling London – How To Improve Drilling Efficiency 

Planning It Out 

Planning is a crucial process regardless of what the person is working on. In fact, ‘Failing to plan’ is often considered to be equivalent to ‘planning to fail.‘ Consequently, ‘planning’ is a vital part of the diamond drilling process. 

One must begin with preparing a list of things that they require on the site. This will help avoid unnecessary delays, and the expense of fuel (in case the site is located in a remote location) 

Secondly, the contractors should plan out a timeline and dedicate time to each activity to ensure the timely completion of each task. 

Invest In High-Quality Equipment 

The idiom “you get what you pay for” is especially true for complex tasks like diamond drilling. Since most of the undertakings in diamond drilling are complicated and require maximum precision, using low-quality drilling equipment can significantly impact drilling effectiveness. 

Furthermore, the cheap drill bits break down easily and may require frequent repair and maintenance. This increases the overall cost of operations, and frequent maintenance breaks also lead to wastage of time or missed deadlines. 

To avoid such hassles, it is advisable to invest in high-quality diamond drilling bits from the very beginning. 

Regular Maintenance

In continuation of the above point, for the diamond drilling process to run smoothly, the equipment must be functioning correctly at all times. Therefore, drilling experts must also carry out regular inspections and maintenance along with investing in high-quality equipment. 

Inspect all of the equipment you’ll be utilizing to ensure that they are operating optimally. Check to see if they’re clean and appropriately lubricated. If necessary, decrease the rod threads and treat them with thread compound.

This way, your drill bits will function at their optimal functionality and help you obtain the desired results from your diamond drilling operations.

Use Additives 

To ensure the smooth operation of drilling bits, it is essential to keep them lubricated. Additives can help you do that. 

Apart from lubrication, additives also offer several other benefits, which are mentioned below- 

  • Prevention of corrosion and degradation. 
  • Helps in reducing the wear and tear of the bits and improves their durability. 
  • Keeps the core portion cool throughout the process. 
  • Prevents collection of mud and rocks in the bottom of the borehole by ensuring that the frill mud has required viscosity. 

Improve The Rate Of Penetration 

ROP, also known as the penetration rate, plays a significant role in determining the overall productivity of diamond drilling projects. Therefore, by improving the same, you can get optimal results from minimal efforts. 

An improved ROP can be achieved by maintaining a perfect balance between the weight on the bit (WOB), water circulation, and rotation speed. 

You can do that by following the best drilling parameters, which are different for each project depending on the rock type and crown configuration. 

Use higher crowns

The less frequently you change the core piece, the more durability you get from the core. Some grounds eat up faster than others, and a higher crown can lessen the number of times you need to keep the operations on hold. 

Ideally, the higher crowns are available in three sizes: 16 mm, 20 mm, and 26 mm. These higher crowns are suitable for drilling deep holes.

The Final Note 

Performance, productivity, and profitability are the stool’s three legs, and all are intertwined with each other. 

By following the tips stated by diamond drilling London experts mentioned above, you can enhance the diamond drilling performance, improve productivity and ultimately increase the profitability of your entire project. 

Of course, if your team finds it difficult to carry out drilling activities, you can always get in touch with a renowned diamond drilling company in your location. 

These companies have extensive experience in the industry and guarantee that your drilling tasks are performed to derive maximum results.


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