Six Must-Know Truths About Cryptocurrency

For many, cryptocurrency is an evasive industry. With time, better and more people are evolving interested in it and trying their luck with funding into digital currencies. But there are some items you likely didn’t know about the digital currency world. We’re here to offer you some must-know truths about cryptocurrency.

The total charge of bitcoin is limited

That’s honorable. If you believed it would be likely to buy an endless quantity of crypto, think again. Cryptocurrency is a finite resource, like gold or oil. This is why currencies like bitcoin resume to increase in value as the store goes down. traders know that someplace down the road, the number of bitcoins and altcoins available will come to an end. 

No one knows who built bitcoin

So who is the person that’s created this virtual currency market? Well, no one knows. The most surprising fact about cryptocurrency is the person or organization who created ‘bitcoin’ is unknown. However, people refer to the creator of bitcoin as Satoshi Nakamoto. A popular belief is that the name is an acronym for leading tech companies – Samsung-Toshiba-Nakamichi-Motorola.

Cryptocurrency can’t be physically banned

Many nations worldwide have debated banning cryptocurrencies; however, despite their wish to ban them, it’s physically inconceivable. Why? Because anyone can get a crypto wallet. Of course, countries can make laws, but the cryptocurrency market itself cannot be denied. Some countries that have released the rights around using cryptocurrencies are Nepal, Educator, Bolivia, Cambodia, Bangladesh, and Alergia. 

There are over 5,000 additional currencies

Everyone likes to get in on cryptocurrencies. This is why unique currencies are popping up in the drive daily. As of now, there are over 5,000 additional currencies in the world. Inherently, most of these cryptos aren’t worth much, nor they will be. Nevertheless, there is always a diamond in the wild that individuals are hoping to grab. In other words, not all altcoins are worthless. With over 5,000 cryptos in general, some innovative ones live out there, such as Coinye (named after Kanye West), Cabbage, and PizzaCoin.

China is the largest cryptocurrency miner

Well, who would have believed that? Mining cryptocurrency is the method of confirming trades before they’re set on the Blockchain’s ledger. It’s an incredibly lucrative part of the industry, and as of now, China holds around 75% of the mining network. 

They’re taxable

Of course, relying on what nation you live in. But since cryptocurrencies have now entered the mainstream markets, tax agents worldwide are attempting to make sure they bring their slice of the virtual pie. Many governments expect you to pay tax on your cryptocurrency earnings. In the United States, the IRS beat a court case against Coinbase, demanding Coinbase to deliver information on over 14,000 users who had annual trades of over $20,000 between the years 2013 and 2015. So, double-check the regulations in your country. 

If you’re interested in trading in cryptocurrency, you require a place to start

However , Iotex, Cardano, Harmony.  These altcoins have been growing rapidly over the last two years.  Many compelling crypto projects are entering the market, to fill the needs of the blockchain space, either by devising existing resolutions or by cracking the unsolved situations. One such favorable project could be Harmony. 

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In the constantly evolving crypto space, Harmony is one of the unique projects. It works on the Effective Proof-of-Stake (EPoS) consensus mechanism which is referred to as the new version of PoS. This allows improved scalability and quicker transaction speeds.

And the vigorous evolution across the crypto space has aroused several distinct altcoin projects. However, IoTeX has come up with a unique idea to empower billions of devices and dApps across the digital and real world. The young project looks optimistic about offering unique features. 

Conclusively, many altcoins are going to explode in the coming years. Among these above two are powerful.

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