Avoid Skilled Nursing Facility Billing Errors Before They Happen with Sunknowledge Experts

 Avoid Skilled Nursing Facility Billing Errors Before They Happen with Sunknowledge Experts

skilled nursing facilities billing

Providing a cleaner claim in skilled nursing facility, Sunknowledge Services Inc today boosts the revenue of many leading names in the industry. With a watchful eye avoiding the billing and coding mistake, we deliver unparallel billing operations increasing the cash flow in SNF.

In fact, understanding the industry directives and taking complete billing and collection  responsibility of SNFs, we further avoid mistakes like :

  • Missing information
  • Service not covered by payer
  • Coding errors, undercoding, modification errors etc
  • Duplicate claim or service
  • Service already adjudicated
  • Untimely claims submission

 The Sunknowledge story:

With a pool of experienced billers and certified coders updating themselves with the changing billing regulations at all the time, our experts staying up to date on the latest and most specific codes ensure a better SNFs billing process where others fail. lowering your denial rate, partner with us in fact further benefit you with:

  • Fewer errors, and denials claims
  • More time on patient care
  • Lower operational expenses
  • Better cash flow generation
  • Higher revenue generation
  • Easier adherence to compliance
  • Greater consistency

Delivering the best practices in skilled nursing facility billing and transforming your cash revenue by adding the right trust and value, our experts further eliminating practices loopholes, decreases the rate of insurance denials. Handling the nuts and bolts of the billing process from beginning to end, we further guarantee the highest productivity metrics.

offering all the heavy lifting task specific activities in all prior authorization, checking of eligibilities, working on the process of order entry and confirmation, following up with the doctor’s office; we do it all.

For more information on what are the other benefits we can bring to the table, speak to our experts over a no commitment call. So what are you waiting for?  Call us right now and experience a improved and seamless skilled nursing facility billing, coding and collection process with our Sunknowledge expert.


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