How to sell scrap cars?

 How to sell scrap cars?

If you have a carport in your driveway, garage or (limited) garden, you can park more than one car. Even if your car looks like something out of Mad Max: Beyond Thunder dome, skrot bil might be worth it. To find out if this is the case, take it to a salvage company that offers cash for scrap cars, or have the company come to you if the car is no longer drivable. Before you call, however, there are a few things you should know about scrapping your car. Information to help you get your money’s worth, maybe even just one. You also need new tires. Has made an advance payment.

Do not resell the used car

If the car is still running, you can get more money than offering worthless junk. Some salvage yards buy salvage vehicles in addition to scrapped and damaged vehicles that are no longer usable. If your cloner still works, check the Kelly Blue Book to see how much it’s worth before you take it apart.

Do not pay towing costs

If the salvage company that pays for wreckers wants your car, they should tow it to your property for free. When a salvage company loses a car, it makes more money than it costs to buy the car and tow it away. So there’s no reason to be stuck in a checking account. If the yard tries to load for towing, call another yard where you can scrap the skrot bil  without towing.

You will get many offers

Getting more than one bid allows bidders to be fair. If a potential buyer knows that you can find other offers or have already received other offers, they are more likely to make a fair and competitive offer. Since it is difficult for the seller to estimate the value of the, several offers serve another purpose: it makes it possible to have a good idea of ​​the value of the car.


There are three basic rules for making the most money selling junk cars: don’t sell your used car, ask for more than one offer, and don’t pay towing fees. By following these rules, you can find money on junk cars that you may have thought were worthless.

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