Slow Cooker Recipes from Around the World

 Slow Cooker Recipes from Around the World

Over the past few weeks, we have compiled a list of the best slow cooker recipes in every category imaginable. They range from sandwiches and side dishes to Texas dishes, breakfast and brunch recipes. It’s not just about soups, stews and chicken: slow-cooker cooking offers a wide range of flavours. Today we present a selection of slow cooker recipes from around the world.

Africa, India and the Middle East

This African beef sandwich is based on a sandwich served on Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It may not be as authentic an African sandwich, but it’s delicious and will make you feel like you’re in Africa.

There’s nothing better than sitting at a table and seeing something as beautiful as this Moroccan chicken. Sharon from Plated with Style shares a delicious dish that combines sweetness and nuts, for those days when you think you’d rather spend a few hours in Morocco.

Cooked with Middle Eastern spices and stuffed in a pan, the tender beef is like beef shwarma. It can be served with cucumber yoghurt sauce or tahini sauce and chicken.

Chicken curry is quick to prepare and has a rich flavour, so you’ll be making it again and again. The flavours of chicken, curry and coconut give it a distinctly Indian taste, and the spiciness can be adjusted with sweet and spicy sauces.

For a simple and healthy Indian-style dinner, try this chickpea curry from 52 Kitchen Adventures magazine, made by Steph (a vegetarian), which she says “brings you home with the smell of Indian spices”.

Unlike other recipes for the same dish, this recipe for Julie’s Chicken Tikka Masala from Table for Two magazine lets you put all the ingredients in a slow cooker without pre-cooking. And with a lovely Indian flavour, it’s a winner.

If you like Asian flavours, you won’t want to miss the 19 delicious and easy recipes in the Asian Slow Cooker series we featured last year.

The Italian Roundup, which we featured last year, includes 20 recipes that will please all lovers of Italy. You should be able to read them hungrily. We wish you luck.

This recipe for Basque-style tuna with potatoes is adapted from a recipe in the Slow Cooker Comfort Foods cookbook by Lydia of The Perfect Pantry. No other recipe by this name can be recommended. Enjoy.

Prepare and freeze this delicious meat filling for a Cuban sandwich and you’ll always have a great dinner option on hand. These pressed sandwiches are easy to transport and perfect for dinner.

It’s fun to see how creative you can get when you cook in the slow cooker. There are many other options for soups, casseroles and chicken. You’ll find it easy to prepare dishes from all over the world.

And next week, we’ll conclude our slow cooker series with eating healthy food. Next week, we’ll present the concluding part of our slow cooker series.

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