Social Media Marketing Manager Salary in the U.S. (April 2022)

 Social Media Marketing Manager Salary in the U.S. (April 2022)

Social media manager continues to be one of the most job-demanding profiles worldwide. It creates and maintains an online presence regarding promotions, campaigns, and awareness across several social media networks. Today, technology has built many connections, primarily through social media networks. 

Getting into a digital presence is not helpful but valuable in today’s time; learning every technology will be very effective. Simplilearn offers a wide range of learning platforms and various courses in the digital marketing world. To reach a certain point, we need to start from a base; that’s what a social media marketing course is all about transforming you into an industry-ready social media marketer. 

What are the most popular skills required to reach for a social media manager? 

A social media marketer can be a strategist, content writer for social media networking sites, a copywriter, a designer, CSR, sometimes all in one. One of the most challenging that there is no stop for learning; you need to refine your knowledge about current trends practical tools constantly; and some of the basic skills one expects as a social media manager are:

  • Communication skills 

Being into social media, the top signs are being well-spoken and well addressed. These skills are essential but learned from time to time. It’s imperative to have excellent communication skills to flex and fit into any platform, character, or audience. 

  • Creativity 

Thinking out-of-the-box content that is more exciting, buzz-worthy, valuable, and wants the ideas to stand out. As a social media marketer, innovation is one thing that should be installed in every consideration of which area you work. 

  • Making new connections 

One of the core tenets of social media marketing is being inherently socially active, finding new connections, building digital relationships, and establishing a perfect social media approach. 

What is the job profile of social media managers?

Social media marketing managers manage the online presence of a company. These managers must develop a healthy work environment wherein companies can interact with current and upbuilding customers, answer their questions, and help to resolve their queries, doubts, and issues regarding the field. 

Social media managers typically work during office hours and set off meetings with clients inside or outside the office, depending upon the client’s requirements. The social media manager may be required to write blogs for their company, and they may need to edit posts from other individuals’ clients throughout the company. In all tasks, the social media marketing manager must ensure that all content on every platform complies with the company’s social media policy and brand aim, and brand image.

What is the average social media marketing manager’s pay scale in a country like the U.S.?

According to the research and reports generated, the average salary offered to a social media manager in the U.S. is $56,300 per year. However, it ranges between $31,653 to $74,450. It also depends on the company adding annual bonuses and profit-sharing, accounting for $16,000, which adds more in exceptional cases. 

An experienced social media marketing manager is offered $63,294 annually, and top earners reach $97,000. 

The U.S. data shows a steady increase in salary based on years of experience.

  • Entry-level (0-5 years of experience) – $40,000
  • Mid-level or mid-career (5-10 years of experience) – $55,000
  • Experienced (10-15 years of experience) – $65,000
  • Late career (above 20 years) – $75,000

Know about social media marketing manager salary by location in the U.S.

Is there any difference in pay by place in the U.S.? 

The answer to this question is Yes.

There’s also a massive difference in pay by location in the U.S. For instance, Social Media Managers in San Francisco can earn 40 to 60% more than the national average, while those in Houston receive 4 to 6% less than average.

This arises with knowledge from which university you have done the course or gained the perfect expertise. Social media courses are essential to reach the manager’s point, and Simplilearn guarantees that you pursue the best-advanced course for all the aspirants out there aimed to pursue this course. 

What is the average social media job salary by field? 

An average social media marketer makes $59,000 per year and is considered $28.5 per hour. At the same time, junior-level earns $48.000 per year and $23.8 per hour. The second middle level is $59,280 per year and $28 per hour, and the last senior level is $72,000 per year and $34 per hour. 

  • Web managers

Average salary- $79,000

Web Managers are responsible for a couple of duties which include:

  • managing website up-gradation,
  • testing for website performance, making sure it works properly, 
  • implementing a different strategy to increase web traffic and subscribers,
  • troubleshooting website issues,
  • responding to security issues, and
  • resolving problems.
  • Marketing manager/project manager

Average salary- $74,300 

A marketing manager/project manager sees a company’s marketing programs and upbuilding projects to attract more customers through marketing and increase the brand value of a business, product, or service.

  • Revenue manager

Average salary- $85,000

A revenue manager is responsible for conducting analyses and strategies regarding revenues to encourage businesses to develop and implement marketing techniques.

  • Content manager 

Average salary- $82,000

A content manager focuses on creating unique and compelling content, improving and maintaining content to achieve the company’s listed goals as observed, and having a team of copywriters and content executives to support them.

What is the average salary of a freelance social media manager? 

Freelance social media preferred hiring to work on their timings and for specific roles or times. The monthly billing rates charged by intermediate-level; U.S.-based specialists ranged from $400 – $10,000 depending on the size of the account and agreed upon between two parties. 

Final thoughts 

There are significant factors to decide how much a social media manager is paid in the U.S. according to the current month, April 2022. The country, the location, the field, the knowledge, and the experience are all factors considered before hiring a social media manager. 

To increase your knowledge and stand out better than others, grasp the Simplilearn advanced social media marketing course to enhance your understanding and bang the interviews by offering the highest pay range. 

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