Are There More Doors Or Wheels In The World? Viral Survey Splits Social Media

 Are There More Doors Or Wheels In The World? Viral Survey Splits Social Media

Which came first, the egg or the chicken? Yanny or Laurel? Social Media the dress blue and black or white and gold? These mysterious questions have sparked heated debates on the internet for decades. Now, a new discussion is causing a stir online and has everyone perplexed.

Ryan Nixon, whose Twitter user is @NewYorkNixon, sparked controversy when he shared an idea he had with his friends how many wheels are there in the world and how many doors are in the world total??

Nixon attached a poll to his tweet, which was published on Friday, March 5. Since then, Social Media has garnered more than 1,000 responses and garnered 223,347 overall votes in just 24 hours. The poll was won by the wheels, but by only 7 percent. Despite the result, the puzzling question caused people to create graphs and formulas to back up their answers.

  • Wheel Equipment

After the end of the poll, the results showed that the wheels received 53.6 percent of the vote.  “Who’s voting for the gates,'” one person replied. “There are wheels in everything. I have wheels on my coat rack, in my makeup box, in my trash can. There are definitely more wheels.” Another said: “Wheels, definitely. All cars have four wheels but two to four doors.

This Twitter user took into account suitcases that have wheels as well. “How many wheeled suitcases do you have in your house?” he asked. “I have eight. That’s only 32 wheels there.”

One person created a scheme to break down the existential concept of wheels. “I spent a lot of time doing this, please like and subscribe,” he asked.

  • Door Equipment

How many doors are in the world total? However, if those in suitcases count as wheels, these people felt that sliding doors, cabinets, and refrigerators should also count in this debate.

“Doors,” one person concluded. “Four-door cars and trucks cancel themselves out. All boats have doors, not wheels.

One Twitter user applied a ratio to justify his response. “Doors, by far,” he replied. “I have 4 wheels in my car and the hamster has a wheel, but I can’t think of more wheels than doors.”

Using the ideology that wheels are only for cars and doors only count if they can be traversed,” he explained, “I think Social Media pretty clear that doors win.

It’s hard to know who the real winner of the door-to-wheel debate is.  Without a doubt, the only lesson learned from this puzzle is that the internet loves discussions.

Equipment Wheels Or Equipment Doors, Who Is Right?

It is difficult to know who is the group of people who are right in this debate because it is impossible to count all the wheels and doors that are in the world.

On the other hand, and being a mere curiosity on the part of a large group of TikTok users, no company related to the world of statistics has gotten into the subject, why? Because they probably don’t have an answer to this debate.

From Androidphoria we think that there are more doors than wheels, so we consider ourselves “Team doors”. If you want to show us why there are more wheels than doors in the world, we invite you to leave us a comment.

With nothing more to add about it, we are convinced that this debate will give us very funny memes because we have already seen some of the great Mr. Incredible disturbed who talk about this topic.

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