Solution for freezing iPhone

 Solution for freezing iPhone

Most smartphones start slowing down upon continuous usage, but iPhones are somewhat different from average smartphones. The iPhone can freeze if the device has recently faced water damage or replaced the battery. Users can check the light under the sim card tray; if Solution for freezing iPhone is red, water damage can be issued to the components and circuits. If the iPhone continuously notifies the user of full storage or an error, it is necessary to take care of the following points. 

Restart the Device or Turn it off 

It is best to turn the iPhone off immediately when it hangs up. For the iPhone 8 and SE models, Apple Store provides an instruction to quickly press and release the volume up button and the same with the down button. Finally, press the side button and release it upon the Apple logo’s appearance on the screen. Once the device turns on, the user can further process exactly what is causing the problem. 

Free up Storage 

Shift your stuff, such as photos, downloads, music, and data, onto your iCloud. Connect the iPhone to Mac or laptop and shift the data through the USB. Once you write down all log-ins, sign-in passwords, and backup data, you can factory reset the iPhone too! 

All sorts of unnecessary or overflowing databases will clear up with thumbnails and cache files that fill up the storage. The storage issue is mainly with older iPhone models because the upgraded iPhones have above 120GBs of internal storage minimum and a maximum of 500GB storage capacity.  

Update Software or Upgrade Hardware

If your iPhone is often freezing, it can either be a software or hardware issue. Firstly, update the iPhone to the latest iOS and restart the device. If it hangs up again, consider contacting the experts for an iPhone repair. Contacting professionals online is easier with credible sites such as! Sometimes, a broken screen gets in the way of touch interaction with the interface. iPhone screen repair can also do wonders if the phone display is badly damaged. 

Delete that new App

Solution for freezing iPhone is unlikely for the Apple App Store to contain a complex application because Apple chooses standards over everything! If you have recently installed some app that keeps bugging the phone, don’t open it up. Just hit uninstall immediately. 

The apps such as Snapchat and Instagram often bother users with ongoing updates. Turn the auto-update option off in the general app settings of the App Store and update all your apps upon command. It lights up the iPhone by continuously receiving updates for every app 24/7. 


iPhone repair is nothing to worry about as it will take under 300$ if there is a need to replace the screen, fix water damage, or do a general checkup of the iPhone. In case you have bought your new iPhone from the nearest Apple Store, the device will come under a one-year warranty! Some iPhone mishaps need an expert at hand to understand the actual bug in the phone. 

Cell phone repairs at trustworthy sites like can even prove if the continuous freeze-ups are a software issue or a hardware interruption symptom.

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