Some Meaningful Questions Related to Copyright Registration

 Some Meaningful Questions Related to Copyright Registration

Some Meaningful Questions Related to Copyright Registration

Company formation in UAE is quite feasible when you go through all the dos and don’ts. The beginners have to understand the rules of the business world. In order to make a start from a small company of your own professional or artistic work, you need to get your work registered.

What works can be registered as copyright?

Copyright registration in Dubai includes all types of artistic work, images, written data, logos, musical work, books, or other literary data.

Can the agent register on behalf of the owner?

There are many companies who prefer their work registration dealing by an agent. For this purpose, there are publisher companies, lawyers and other agents who will go through the registration process on behalf of the copyright owner and they will act as authorized agents.

In this case, there must be a clear mention of the account holder’s name, whether the copyright owner or the agent.

Can a copyright owner register the names?

No, names are not copyrighted things, but logos and other graphical descriptions of a company or business can be registered as copyright. Copyright is actually the authority of having a certain thing in your ownership, and you will have sole right on that property.

It will register you as the first one to use and now are the legal owner of the work. There may be any legal document or company advertisements that can be created under that registered logo.

Can a trademark protect the company’s work?

Trademark is the name of your company or business that has been registered. There is not a compulsion that a trademark can save your company’s work. You need a copyright registration in Dubai for evident proof of your work under your company trademark.

Can an employee under a company be registered?

If a worker is producing the piece of creation or graphics under the employment of a company then it will not be registered separately because it is the job of the employee to work for that company. The company will have the copyright of that work produced by the employee. But in case the company is not interested or is not still registered the work then you can claim the ownership of the piece of art you created.

Can a sole trader register his name or company as a copyright owner?

Unlike the incorporated companies, a sole trader is a private company owner who can register his work as copyright. He has all legal rights to his business and can register himself as a copyright owner of his company’s work. A trader can also add a trading name along with his name to register as the copyright owner.


There are many ways you can start your professional career. The first thing that you should keep in mind while company formation in UAE is to get yourself registered. Copyright registration in Dubai is the foremost step to start a protected and secured business. You will be the legal owner of all the work and pieces of creation under your copyright.

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