Sony VAIO Laptop Tips for Becoming Pro User

 Sony VAIO Laptop Tips for Becoming Pro User

If you are looking for best tips and trick for your Sony VAIO laptop for becoming pro user, So you are the right place.

Pandemic has exponentially increased the screen time of users. For work or for entertainment Sony VAIO laptops are among the top preferences of the users.  With long working hours, users expect high-performing laptops. Outdated software or drivers can lead to slow speed and poor performance for laptops. It is important to update Sony VAIO drivers on Windows 10, 11, or other versions. You can easily update drivers manually or automatically. The manual update requires download from the official website of the manufacturer. To update drivers automatically you can download completely free driver updater software. Bit Driver Updater is one such driver updater software available online for free. It enables users to download all the pending driver updates with a single click.

The write-up below mentions tips that can make you a pro Sony VAIO user.

Tips For Becoming a Pro Sony VAIO User:

Use the tips below to get the most out of your Sony VAIO laptop. These tricks can be minor but should be kept in mind to enhance the performance of your Laptop.

#1 Take Good Care of Laptop Screen

The most sensitive part of your Sony VAIO or any other laptop is its screen. A minor inconvenience can damage the screen. Make sure you are using wipes that are approved and cause no harm to your screen while used for cleaning. Avoid using a pen or any other pointed item that can cause a scratch on the screen.

#2 Maintain the Temperature of your Sony VAIO

Extremely high or low temperatures can be harmful to your laptops. If you are at a place that’s freezing cold, let your laptop adapt to the room temperature before you start using it. Make sure the vents and ports of your Sony VAIO are clean and vent out all the heat generated. Excess heating can damage the battery of your device leading to poor performance.

#3 Start Talking and stop Typing

If your Sony VAIO has a feature to implement voice commands inspect the functioning through dictation of commands. Dictate commands like opening a file or playing any audio file.

In the search bar present next to the start button, search for Speech. Click on the Windows Speech Recognition option and then press Next. Select the microphone device in use and then click on Next again. Perform the audio test and switch on the toggle for the ‘dictate text & control the device using your voice’ option.

Once the setup is done, use Windows and H keys on your keyboard to dictate commands to your Sony VAIO.

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#4 Use OneDrive

No matter how equipped your Sony VAIO or any other laptop is, storage is always an issue. With Microsoft devices, comes a cloud service OneDrive that provides a storage space of up to 5GB. This space on the drive can be increased by switching to Microsoft 365 which provides 1000 GB of OneDrive storage. Windows 10 Sony VAIO laptops can simply drag and drop files from your device to OneDrive. All it requires is a working network connection.

To Open OneDrive search for OneDrive in the search bar. Sign In to your account if you are an existing user for Microsoft or Hotmail. Once done open OneDrive from File Explorer to view the existing files in OneDrive. Move files from your device by right-clicking on them and choosing the option ‘Move to OneDrive’. You can access these files from the official website of OneDrive i.e  or from the App on your smart device.

#5 Make the Best use of Sony VAIO Care

The software is integrated within the Sony VAIO devices. They help in improving the performance of your laptop and troubleshoot errors that occur in runtime. You can address speed issues or any issue specific to an application with the help of the software. Also, you can get assistance through it or through the web.

Open Sony VAIO care on your device. Inspect the health of your device and click on One Click Care to scan your system. This can take a while to complete, wait till the process completes. The result of the One Click displays health concerns (if any). If there is a warning or critical issue a yellow triangle or red circle is displayed. This error can be addressed and resolved to have a smoother working Sony VAIO laptop.


We hope the above tips helped you in improving the performance of your Sony VAIO laptops. The tips when used can help you become a Pro user among the laptop’s user base. Begin with updating drivers on your Sony VAIO. Updating drivers automatically through Bit Driver Updater is recommended due to the ease and convenience that the software offers.

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