Speed up your DME Prior Authorization with us

 Speed up your DME Prior Authorization with us

DME Prior Authorization

One of the biggest nightmares of a prior authorization process is when patients not being able to receive the needed medication due to the reasons like –

  • Change in insurer
  • New prescription of the patients
  • Wrong patient information 
  • Incorrect codes etc

Furthermore, to add to the frustration level, the ever changing authorization regulation, complex authorization codes and processes; additional turn into a nightmare for many practices. This is where Sunknowledge comes to your rescue.

Sunknowledge a powerful tool for seamless DME prior authorization:

Minimizing prior authorizations errors and continuously working on making the authorization process easier, Sunknowledge expert with good documentation and communication ensures a better DME prior authorization solution in no time.

With complete awareness of all the authorization guidelines for payment and coverage and different payers requirements, our experts work on ensuring seamless authorization traction while reducing your overall operational cost by 80%.

With proper and correct coding for the required authorization process, our experts maintaining the right checks and balances further guarantees a precision rate of 99.9%. 

Taking care of your complete DME prior authorization profile starting from authorization initiation, approval follow up along with other services pre and post medical billing services, Sunknowledge services experts is today identified for its highest productivity metrics. 

With more than 100s of excellent industry references in the DME authorization domain, partnering with us leave you with DME authorization customized reporting, cost effective authorization solution under one roof, proficiency in handling different billing software like Brightree, DME works, Kareo etc and many other benefits.

With complete authorization submission on the same day, we are the only RCM solution whose clients are covered under Hiscox insurance, with liability coverage of $1 million for any errors of omission and commission.

So if you are someone looking to improve your DME prior authorization at a cost effective rate in this given situation, we are the one stop destination.  We are an operational partner dedicated towards a better authorization operational and also a better revenue generation, so you can focus more on patients.


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