Split System Installation Process Guide Step by Step

 Split System Installation Process Guide Step by Step

Split System Installation

Are you looking for an air conditioner that would be suitable for your home? Then here is the answer. To make your home air cool and comfortable, a split system air conditioner is the right option.

Summer is the most uncomfortable season for us, and we eagerly seek something that makes our homes cool in this scorching heat of the sun. And the split air conditioner is the device that does the cooling best. It can make the whole room temperature balanced, cold, and comfortable.

Many people do not want to hire professionals for the split system installation, and they want to do it by themselves. If you have a little plumbing and electrical experience, you can easily do this installation independently.

So here we are to help you with the installation work. Let’s check out the easy split system installation process step by step, so you do not have any doubt about the installation.

Step-By-Step Process of How to Install a Split System Air Conditioner:

Every air conditioner system style differs from the other brand, but the installation is the same in every brand. However, split system installation is the same for all the styles. It needs the cooling machine to install inside, and the compressor and condenser unit is needed to be installed outside the room. The power cable and running pipes are in between these two systems.

Split air conditioners are easier to install and energy efficient than other air conditioners. But, if you do not install it properly, it can consume more power and become low efficient. Installing the air conditioner for the first time is quite delicate. So, here are the step-by-step procedures of how you can install a split air conditioner.

Secure The Mounting Brackets to The Wall 

Select an area of your room where you want to install your system, then first hold the mounting brackets horizontally, check the level, and using a pencil mark the right area.

Now come to the drilling part, drill holes about 7-8 cm on the marked area and then insert the plastic or wooden anchors, whatever you want. Then secure the bracket on the wall with the help of screws.

Mount The Indoor Unit Over the Brackets

Next, carefully install your split system’s indoor unit over the brackets. If you can’t do it independently, as the system is sometimes quite heavy, you can always ask for someone to help you divide the load.

Split System Installation
Split System Installation

Drill A Hole for Electrical Connection Between Two Units

After installing the indoor unit make a deep hole in the wall just beside the unit is situated so that the electrical wires and pipes can go through outside.

Run The Pipes and Wire Through the Hole

Now you need to secure the copper wires and pipes carefully with the help of electrical tapes tightly so that they can’t be scattered anyways.

When performing this, ensure that the water pipe is placed in the middle, so the water flows freely. After completing run the pipes and wire through the wall securely and remember to check that the pipe can move easily.

Mount The Outdoor Unit

Choose a place where there is no traffic, dusty or heated area; choose a cool, clean, and clear area. Then mount the outdoor brackets with the wall by drilling holes about 12 cm approximately and install the outdoor unit over it.

Or, if you want to place it anywhere, then make sure to place it over a concrete slab, which needs to be situated high from the ground level.

Connect Both the Units

After installing indoor and outdoor units, it’s time to connect both units with electricity. So, check the connection of both the units and the system.

Fix The Pipes to The Outdoor Wall

The last thing you need to do is to fix the water pipes with the wall and secure it with the help of a screw for safety.

Sum up:

Split system installation is quite a tough job when doing it without any professional help. But if you follow the manual and the steps correctly, you can do this task easily. Hope this article will help you to deal with the split system installation and make the process easy for you.


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