Staycation in Shimla

With more or less everyone working from home; everyone wants to go for a staycation and work from the mountains and Shimla, the queen of mountains feels like the perfect place to do it from. To stay for a couple of weeks or months, shimla qualifies as the best place considering all the greenery and the magnificent scenery and the food, and the ambience. 

However, for a staycation, you really have to think about where you’re gonna stay: a Bed and Breakfast, campsites, hostels or 4 star hotels in Shimla.

Let’s talk about the options in a bit detail:

  1. BnBs:

Bed and breakfasts or BnBs give you a perfect customised personal experience. With BnBs, you get a very homely vibe and get to enjoy the hill station being an insider.

  1. Hostels:

If you’re going with your friends and are on a budget, the option to stay at a hostel is the best you can go for and you’ll get to meet more people know your age and make new friends and have fun with them and most of the hostels have something planned for at least every weekend night, so that would be fun.

  1. Campsites:

Staying at a campsite for a long duration sounds like something out of a movie. Too good to not experience that in your life.

  1. Hotels 

While all these options sound real good, each one has their own pros and cons. Staying at a 3 star or 4 star hotel in Shimla would be the most comfortable and lavish experience for you. So, choose wisely.  

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