Staying Safe: 5 Office Health Tips

 Staying Safe: 5 Office Health Tips

Are you looking for a safe way to bring staff back to the office while the Covid-19 pandemic is ongoing? Perhaps you are nervous because you want to ensure your employees are safe but aren’t sure how to safeguard their welfare?

Although this is a challenging situation for all employers, you can take some critical steps to minimize the risk to your teams. By having an office health plan, you can keep your staff safe, reduce time off due to illness, and show your customers that you care for the people that work in your business. 

Read on to learn more about reducing the risk to employees while they are on your office premises.

1. Supply Hand Sanitizer at Strategic Locations

One of the most straightforward tips for good health is to place hand sanitizer at entrances and exits, allowing staff to sterilize their hands before entering and leaving the building. It may also be a good idea to put hand sanitizer in an office kitchen and outside bathrooms, as these locations can be subject to a lot of footfall.

2. Hire Professional Cleaning Services

You can also take health and wellness tips and advice from professional firms. High-quality cleaning services can ensure your building is clean before staff come to work in the morning and could even continue wiping your surfaces down throughout the day. You can also hire an office carpet cleaning service to reduce dust and dirt build-up amongst the carpet fibers.

3. Prohibit Hot Desking

It’s easy to sit down at a colleague’s desk and use their computer or borrow something off their desk as you’re walking by. But, you should have a workplace wellness tips policy that prohibits hot desking. Staff are more likely to spread infection if they share equipment, so it’s vital that they only handle their own office supplies during the working day.

4. Have a Strict Building Access Policy

Keeping the workplace safe isn’t only about managing your employees and property, you also need to consider what happens when a client or customer enters your building. Ensure visitors sterilize their hands and limit the areas they have access to when meeting with your employees. 

It’s also a good idea to have meetings over the phone or on online meeting platforms when possible.

5. Ask for Employee Feedback

You can pick up some excellent wellness tips for office workers by asking for employee feedback. Your staff spend many hours each day in your building, and they may notice areas that could benefit from a health and safety upgrade. You could ask workers to send suggestions to a dedicated email address to make it quick and easy to view their comments. 

Create an Office Health Strategy and Keep Your Employees Safe

Keeping your employees safe is the highest priority for your business, and implementing an office health policy doesn’t have to be complicated.

Hiring professional cleaning services can give you peace of mind that your office is a safe environment. But encouraging hand sanitization and asking for employee feedback can also be effective ways to lower the risk of illness or infection.

When your employees feel safe, they’ll be happier and more productive in their work.

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