Steps you should follow to develop a flawless On-demand home services app

 Steps you should follow to develop a flawless On-demand home services app

In the technology-driven world, people show interest in availing themselves of Home services app as they have busy schedules. The increased demand for home services paved the way for the advent of similar apps.  

According to a recent report, the on-demand market’s net value is expected to grow at a rate of 52%. Furthermore, it is predicted to reach $869.95 billion by 2022. Therefore, it is a profitable niche to contemplate. If you aim to enter the on-demand market, investing in home services app development is worth considering. 

Before proceeding, it would be better to have an insightful understanding of the on-demand home services app development process. Check out this blog. Let’s have a glance at it.  

Step 1 – Conduct an inquiry and marketing-research

Firstly, you have to understand the present market situation. Extensive market research helps to know the recent trends, competitors, and customers’ demands & expectations. Upon analyzing this, you can draft a unique selling proposition to distinguish you from your rivals. 

This step is the foundation of your on-demand home services business. So, spend some more quality on it as it will pave the way for your business to thrive in the forthcoming days.   

Step 2 – Never miss out on the salient features

Choosing the suitable feature set is essential as it will decide the overall functionality of the app. Make sure the features you choose are user-friendly and suitable for your business model. 

Based on the conducted research, you can decide on which features to integrate into your app. You can even check out your competitors’ apps to have a better understanding of the general features of on-demand home services apps.

To stand out from your competitors, it is vital to include new/innovative & distinguishable features. This will be a distinguishable factor to contemplate. As a result, you get attention from a wide user base and increase revenue generation. 

Step 3 – Ways in which you can monetize your app

Revenue generation is the ultimate goal when starting a business. You can incorporate multiple monetization models to generate steady revenue. The most popular revenue stream is a commission fee, which you charge the registered service providers on every completed service. Other streams include lead generation, referral marketing, and in-app advertisement. 

Thus, focus on implementing suitable revenue streams. Before plunging into a venture, it is quite important to be aware of these for framing the best business model.

Step 4 – Services you could consider incorporating in your app

You can cater to numerous on-demand home services or a single service based on the audience you are targeting and the availability of resources. For instance, an app like Uber for Home services is encompassed with various services such as home cleaning, repair, tutor, home designing, event services, and many more. 

Proffering a plethora of services in a single platform will pave the way to increase the customer base. This is because customers feel comfortable in availing various home services under one roof.  

Step 5 – Know the cost of an on-demand home service app development

How much will it cost for home services app development? It is a straightforward common question that arises for entrepreneurs or business people who plan to launch a home services app. Coming to the point, it is not possible to say the exact total cost for app development without knowing the individual requirements. In a nutshell, it depends on the following predominant factors.

  • App features & functionality
  • App size & complexity
  • Company’s geolocation
  • Third-party service integration
  • Technology stack
  • UI/UX design
  • App platform

Step 6 – Approach a technology partner

When you are done formulating your business idea, proceed with approaching a suitable on-demand app development company. It plays a vital role as the app developers are the ones developing your app that suits your requirements. Check out the company’s website and portfolio to ensure the company’s offerings.    

Step 7 – Pre-launch strategy to implement

While developing the app, you can implement some strategies to promote your brand. You can choose the social media channels and publish posts marketing your brand to reach a larger audience. 

As millions of people widely use social media platforms, the reach will be better for your business. Make sure to concentrate on your target group of people. Continue marketing your app even after deployment. Creating and publishing blogs about your app will be helpful in the long term. 

Step 8 – It’s time for app launch

All ready? Once the app is crafted based on your needs, you can launch your on-demand home services app on the platform. Deploying the app like UrbanClap on multiple platforms is suggested so as to reach broader customers. Depending on your budget, you can even consider a single platform like Android or iOS.

Final thoughts

In a nutshell, an on-demand home service sector is flourishing, which will expect to grow further in the foreseeable future. Thus, starting an on-demand service business seems to be a promising niche in this decade. UrbanClap, Taskrabbit, HouseJoy are prevalent home service apps that have gained immense popularity. Recreating any such kind of business model will be a wise choice. 

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