Summer Lawn Collection 2022 | Shop the Best at Raja Sahib

 Summer Lawn Collection 2022 | Shop the Best at Raja Sahib

For women, wearing a perfect outfit even indoors is necessary especially during the summers. Women that are housewives need to remain active even during the summers. The need is to work hard and ideally throughout the day while keeping the perfect dress on. And once the time comes to be ready for the event, they must have another option ready.

In Pakistan, summers have a higher say on what one should wear. And while you scroll to find the perfect opportunity, we already have it for you. This time, you need to go through our read in finding what suits you perfectly in this regard. Shop for New Spring Summer Lawn Collection 2022 exclusively at Raja Sahib.

Johra at Raja Sahib

summer lawn collection

Johra is a great platform to shop for necessary clothing outfits. When it comes to women’s shopping, nothing beats an outfit that carries good customizations. However, for this, you must buy one that is unstitched offering you the perfect option to size it however you like. And with Johra, prints do not come simple or unwanted. People shop by Johra due to good prices and prints that attract all. With favorable designs and styles and additives, people love to shop here. But presently, a certain hike in price marginally will affect their sales.

Xenia at Raja Sahib

Xenia targets the audience that loves to have a good outfit, but a decent one. For this, the brand has popularity in targeting housewives, working ladies, and women that do not want to boast. While their prints remain praiseworthy, it does not mean they overdo their designs. You will find vibrant colors and artistic prints, but all of these remain around the traditions and cultures. The brand is currently running a sale so you can head early and shop from their Eid collections. Unstitched collections are available in the bulk here.

Gul Ahmed at Raja Sahib

Gul Ahmed deserves some praise for listening to what the public is demanding. Being historic, it was not long till they were repeating older styles of designs. But presently, everything at Gul Ahmed is bold, vibrant, and aesthetic. Now you can find modern designs and a wide range of options such as colors, styles, and prints. In essence, to shop for unstitched fabric, nothing can compete with the quality and standard of Gul Ahmed’s fabric. We commend people to shop from Gul Ahmed with their stunning Eid and summer collection.

Zara Shahjahan at Raja Sahib

To give your ordinary fabric a modern touch, Zara Shahjahan offers great options, such as designs that carry a meaning. Moreover, with everything people have already experienced, Zara Shahjahan goes a step ahead in competing among the prices. All of their categories remain noteworthy, but their budgeted option remains high in praise. And this is what people talk about lately about them. Zara Shahjahan also has a habit of exaggerating its fabrics with vibrancy and prints. Some may not like this style, but younger ones praise Zara Shahjahan for offering a modernized look. With summer and regular wearing collections running, you can shop per your taste.

Sobia Nazir at Raja Sahib

At Sobia Nazir, everything feels bold and unique where you can find exquisite patterns and prints on the fabrics. In addition to their bold-looking outfits, the brand highlights the true matching of class with dark shades. Hence, women that like to remain prominent may need to shop through Sobia Nazir in ensuring that their next event is sorted out. In essence, the dress styles remain open for the shalwar, whereas the tops remain sleek and elegant. It is like the brand is highlighting older and traditional wear styles of the sub-continent.

Mahgul at Raja Sahib


We are not sure where, to begin with, Mahgul and their dresses. To keep it simple, the brand focuses on giving diverse fabric options but keeping things bold. Hence, all their prints, styles, and designs resemble iconic embroidery that is filled over the entire space. In addition, the prices remain higher than average but with fabric quality and style, you might be tempted to make the purchase. We cannot argue more about the brand but to succeed in this clothing market they need to lower the prices.

Muscari at Raja Sahib

Muscari is your way of highlighting what the traditional and cultural look of our ancestors looked like. In essence, from the first viewing, the brand signifies elegance and a moderate look. Thus, where women of age do not go for bolder looks, it seems the perfect spot for them. And with the prices close to average, they can simply shop here for many items. Finally, coming to the embroidery and prints, nothing seems overcrowded, and people can find colors visible.

Wherever you shop for unstitched options in Pakistan, make sure to follow the trend. Often, the trend is by the design, but during the summers, it is about how to beat the weather. We suggest going for the best fabric quality and colors that you can sustain. To get all the trendy dresses, visit Raja Sahib in-store or online store. So, you may get a chance to revive your wardrobe in a manner it deserves.

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