Sunknowledge- A Guide Towards The Perfect Power Mobility Devices Billing

 Sunknowledge- A Guide Towards The Perfect Power Mobility Devices Billing

Power Mobility Devices Billing

According to a survey, around 2.2 million people in the US use some form of power mobility devices like wheel chair, walkers etc for their day to day mobility needs. Furthermore, with the rise of the geriatric population, the demand for power mobility is also seen at peaks. This is because older populations with limited mobility activities are more dependent on mobility devices including wheelchairs or scooters more over the manual vehicles to move independently. In fact, in order to improve their quality of life for all rheumatoid arthritis & osteoporosis, today the market of power mobility devices has reached to the next level.

With, the growing number of disabled people today the increase in the market of the power mobility devices is also observed in many studies and surveys.

Today the global mobility devices market size stood at more than USD 9 .75 billion and is projected to reach USD 14. 86 billion exhibiting a CAGR of 6.9 % by 2026. With such huge demand, you need an operational extension that effortlessly ensures a seamless billing approach.

Sunknowledge – a powerful power mobility devices billing

With more than 100s of excellent industry references, Sunknowledge Services Inc has been delivering action support across the practices management for more than a decade today. Offering dedicated support, powerful standards of communication; we have great potential in eliminating gaps in finding the documents, catering to the complex power mobility authorization process, insurance verification etc. Getting everything in place at the right time with timely claims submission, we today have a track record of reducing your denial and rejection rates as well. With a streamlined activity, we check and recheck maintaining a 99.9% accuracy rate.

To know more about how our experts can change your power mobility device billing with a better reimbursement rate and billing approach, we are here to answer all your doubt regarding power mobility device billing and collection services.


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