Taking the plunge this summer into the best Pool Party Las Vegas

 Taking the plunge this summer into the best Pool Party Las Vegas

Day clubs in Vegas are similar to nightclubs, but with more sunshine and swimming suits. Summer pool parties are the quintessential Las Vegas experience and a must-do. Nothing beats a Pool Party Las Vegas to start your day off properly – particularly when it’s one of the finest pool parties in the city!

Since I turned 21, I’ve spent every summer in Las Vegas with buddies. We’ve mastered the art of the Vegas Pool Party/Day Club and know all the best-kept secrets. I’ll tell you about the Best Las Vegas Pool Parties that you won’t want to miss while you’re in town!


The Wet Republic is always going to have the finest pool party in Las Vegas. This club draws large audiences, especially on Saturday and Sunday, because it showcases a lot of celebrated DJs. There is no shade, and people swim about like crazy in this pool during the better songs. The queue is always quite lengthy for this, and the security is the tightest.

I prefer to arrive early at this pool so that I can find the perfect area for my few possessions, snap some lovely photos, and have a drink before the fun begins.


The Wynn hotel has the largest pool club (60,000 square feet). It has a really opulent vibe to it and attracts a large audience. DJs from around the world will also be performing. They also provide “night swims,” where you may repeat the day club experience at night!

This pool is the farthest down the strip, and it might feel a little out of the way at times… but it’s well worth it! In terms of cocktails and cabanas, it’s also the most expensive pool party. You can’t go wrong with either Encore Beach Club or the Wet Republic — they’re both among Pool Parties the Confidante Miami Beach as the greatest parties ever!


This rooftop pool is located in the heart of the strip and has a wonderful weekend party scene. It is open seven days a week, although I recommend visiting on the weekends. DJs from the Jersey Shore, like Pauly D, frequently perform here, ensuring a lively atmosphere.


This is a hit-or-miss pool. It is substantially smaller than the three mentioned above and may rapidly get packed. Because there is more patio area than pool space, there is a lot of standing on the rims. I expected to enjoy it more, but it was only OK for me. The DJs here are usually young and inexperienced.


This pool is undergoing refurbishment (as of 2020) and will reopen in summer 2021. This is a good thing, considering the pool area was tiny and underwhelming. The DJs on this list are names you might not recognize unless you’re a fan of electronic dance music. The crowd is a little more diversified here, and there is less of a Shore Club South Beach Pool Party.


Try Liquid’s pool party if you’re searching for a “calmer and more elegant” atmosphere. It’s less of a party pool since it’s smaller and more intimate. Don’t get me wrong: there’s still a DJ and plenty of fun to be had, but it’s a little less wild. They had a lot of pool floats when I went, which was a nice surprise. Because this pool is less popular, it is frequently overlooked, but that means the cabana rates are lower! We splurged and rented a cabana for the day, and it was well worth the money.

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