TCS Nextstep: Assessing the Effectiveness of the E-Learning System

 TCS Nextstep: Assessing the Effectiveness of the E-Learning System

TCS Nextstep is an exclusive web portal especially for entry-level candidates( those who recently graduated from their graduate studies in last years) and thereafter to acquire the coveted job in TCS. Candidates who wish to undergo the training program for career opportunities in information technology (IT) must register with TCS on-campus/off-campus. They can also avail the online registration facility from anywhere around the world. Candidates will receive personalized career counseling and one-on-one career coaching sessions as per their requirements and budget. TCS Nextstep offers three courses namely:

  • Foundations of Technology Transfer and Career Development
  • Enterprise Architectures
  • Software Development for Enterprise.

These courses are offered on various platforms as per the requirements of candidates. For those who want to choose one or more courses in TCS Nextstep, they may join in on-campus/ campus commune, online registration portal, online application and the centralized practice tests.

TCS NextStep Merits

In TCS Nextstep there are several features which make the portal very user-friendly and efficient. TCS Nextstep follows the Microsoft culture and hence the interface and navigation of the portal are in MS Outlook style. There are many prominent company names in the market and hence the platform highlights their company’s name in the portal, which is helpful for candidates who are aspiring to apply for jobs in these companies. The advanced search tools and batch submissions are the best feature of the Nextstep portal. The software creates batch entries automatically, following the specification of each job. Candidates may refine the search parameters using the tools, which are available in the portal.

To facilitate better and faster selection process, TCS Nextstep provides for the candidates an extensive database of testing centers and companies. When a test candidate registers online, he gets access to all the testing centers and companies in his area. The portal has a facility to update the information at regular intervals, which can help the candidates in selecting the testing center or company, according to his current requirement status.

TCS Next Step Registration

TCS Nextstep has two types of registration available to its users. First, the candidates can directly sign up online, without downloading any software. They can do so after logging in to the portal with the user name and password. Another type of registration available is for Graduates.

Graduates may access the portal by clicking on the “register now” or “sign in” button on the home page. The graduate will be provided with a confirmation link, which is required to submit the application form. The application form can be downloaded from the home page. After submitting the application form, candidates have to submit the completed application forms to the TCS Nextstep Customer Account, which is managed by TCS Nextstep. Candidates have to follow the submission procedure to enter in the selection process.

After applying online, students have to wait for an eligibility check. The eligibility check will verify whether they meet the minimum eligibility requirements of TCS Nextstep. Once the eligibility is verified, the candidates can apply for TCS Nextstep online. For freshers, the portal can also be used to obtain enrollment form, which they will have to submit to TCS Nextstep for their future eligibility.

After students have submitted their application, they have to login to the portal to make changes and get access to many benefits of the Nextstep course. The login ID and password are generated when a user logs into the nextstep registration portal. Students should make sure that they have created a secure username and password, as the nextstep registration system is able to store the username and password for online applications.

Another advantage of TCS Nextstep is its M.Tech platform, which offers online job placement for freshers. The portal offers M.Tech students a chance to complete the requirements of online recruitment without having to leave the comfort of their room. The portal provides reference ID and application data. Reference ID is a security feature of TCS Nextstep that identifies a specific user on the platform and makes it possible for users to log in using their real name. Applying with a unique reference id ensures that no one can make any changes to the application without logging in under that user’s name. This way, TCS Nextstep guarantees online recruitment of skilled professionals.

Online education providers can use TCS Nextstep to improve the process services for qualification determination. TCS provides several job role areas, which will help the education provider meet the requirement of their client. For example, healthcare jobs require TCS eligibility verification, which ensures that the candidate is qualified for the job role. To do this, healthcare institutions have the option of using the electronic transfer system for TCS or the direct entry system for MSN or Ceridian.

TCS Nextstep also offers direct entry for candidates who are applying for regular jobs and want to upgrade to a higher level. By doing so, they can continue to work towards their advancement, while simultaneously receiving recognition for their skills on TCS Nextstep. To do this, candidates have an option of accessing the database of their current job level, or enroll in a new level. Once the candidates reach the platinum level, they will receive a special recognition award. At present, there is no clear cut definition on what the highest level will be, but it is expected that it will be achieved once TCS Nextstep begins offering direct access to the database of TCS.

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