The Best COREtec Products We Offer

The entire spectrum of COREtec flooring selections are now available at North Haven Tile Carpet One at our Wallingford, Connecticut showroom. One of the highest-performing luxury vinyl floors now on the market is COREtec. Check out COREtec Plus, Plus XL, Plus HD, and Plus Design when you visit.

Due to two distinctive characteristics—the COREtec core structure and the additional core underlayment—COREtec floors function exceptionally well. The core construction is completely sturdy and waterproof because it is created specifically from reclaimed wood, bamboo dust, limestone, and PVC. It guarantees that the planks or tiles won’t expand or contract under moist or humid conditions. Since the cork underlayment, which is affixed beneath the core structure, is rather soft, it can even absorb subfloor faults while offering sound insulation. floors can therefore be set up over the majority of subfloors, even those that aren’t completely level. Additionally, the cork underlayment naturally resists mold and mildew, keeping the floor in your home clean and hygienic.

How about appearance? Like most premium vinyl flooring solutions, COREtec floors offer a natural appearance. While the plank alternatives offer wood characteristics, Plus Flooring tiles offer ceramic and stone tile looks. Because of the premium vinyl top layer of , these looks are absolutely genuine. This layer comprises a high-definition representation of wood or tile and is chip- and dent-resistant to maintain its authenticity over time.

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