The best features of a mobile car wash high-pressure cleaner

 The best features of a mobile car wash high-pressure cleaner

The mobile pressure washer differs in many ways from conventional pressure washers. For example, these machines do not have to have the high output pressure of regular machines. Simply put, car cleaning is not like most other cleaning jobs. Pressure washers are typically used for cleaning hard surfaces such as floors, walls, parking lots and roads. What these types of jobs need is a high-pressure output stream that removes grime from these surfaces. But a similar approach could be disastrous for car washes. This distinguishes the mobile high-pressure cleaner from other high-pressure cleaners.

Some features of pressure washers for cleaning mobile vehicles are:

Outlet pressure

The output pressure level of pressure washers is up to 8000 psi. These pressure washers are not necessary for automatic detailing. A good mobile pressure washer for car washing should provide an output pressure of up to 1500 psi. Machines with a higher output pressure can damage the vehicle’s paintwork. It is always best to keep the exhaust pressure below 1500 psi for vehicle safety.


A low flow rate can also be an advantage. However, this has nothing to do with the safety of the vehicle. Low flow machines bring less water to the surface. This makes cleaning faster and there is less water wastage. Steam pressure washers offer the lowest flow rate. Any machine with a flow rate of 2 gpm or less is suitable for a steam cleaner. A mobile steam Bil rengøring therefore does not need high-pressure cleaners, but benefits from low-flow machines.


Portability is also an issue for steam pressure washers used for automatic cleaning. There are two types of machines on the market: wheel-mounted machines and truck-mounted machines. Both types of machines are ideal for steam washing cars. If the job involves moving from place to place, truck mounted machines are more suitable. Companies that offer mobile services usually use these machines. Wheeled machines are best when portable steam washes need to be cleaned in a small area, such as a shop or car showroom.

Hybrid machines are available today

 That can be used as both wheel-mounted and truck-mounted machines. When mounted on a truck or trailer, the wheels can be removed from the machine. These machines offer a lot of convenience to cleaning personnel. Make a thorough analysis before buying a machine. Know your needs and then choose a machine. Choosing the right equipment is essential for effective cleaning results.

Having a clean car involves much more than general preferences and layout. You might think going to your local car wash is one way to look cool on the road. Regular cleaning of your car is more than just a pleasure for your beloved car or truck. The extra cleaning effort has a major impact on the value of the vehicle.

First of all, a clean car retains its value.

While your car’s mechanical properties are important to its value, a large part of your car’s appeal comes from its appearance. Having a dirty and rusty car can significantly reduce its resale value. When it comes time to part with your vehicle, it will be very difficult to find a buyer who is interested in buying an unattractive car. Be smart about protecting your car’s value. Removing bugs from your car prevents their acidic guts from corroding your paint. Rust can also get worse over time. For these reasons alone, a simple $10 wash will keep your car looking great.

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