The Best Free Ways to Convert JPG to PDF on iPhone

 The Best Free Ways to Convert JPG to PDF on iPhone

Your iPhone and iPad most certainly include a large number of photographs in various formats, such as HEIC photos taken with the camera, PNGs created from screenshots, and JPGs acquired from the internet. However, despite the format, you do not need to utilise third-party software to convert jpg to pdf  using a jpeg to pdf converter..

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The ability to convert HEIC, PNG, and JPEG files to PDF is integrated into the iPhone and iPad. It’s just not that clear.

There are also various ways to convert image to pdf using either the Photos or Files apps or a jpeg to pdf converter. To make things even easier, you may merge and convert many photos into a single PDF file.

Converting HEIC to JPG on iPhone

Use The Photos App To Convert An Image To A Pdf

The Photos app on your iPhone or iPad provides two options for converting photographs to PDF format. The first way is performing a simple motion while ‘printing’ a photo, and the second entails sharing the image with the Books app. Meticulously, use a combiner to combine jpg to pdf.

Pinch Out Gesture in Photos App

This approach does not need the printing of a photograph. You must instead make a Pinch Out gesture within the Print Options screen. Surprisingly, this step converts the image to PDF format, which you can then share with contacts, move to another app, or store on local storage.

Step 1: Launch the Photos app and navigate to the album containing the photo you wish to convert. Then, in the context menu, long-press the photo thumbnail and select Share.

Enter selection mode if you wish to choose numerous photographs (tap Select at the upper-right corner of the screen). Then, choose the objects you wish to convert before tapping the Share icon.

Step 2: On the Share Sheet, select Print. Perform a Pinch Out (or Zoom In) gesture on the Printer Options screen that appears next. The photo will be immediately converted to PDF format. If you chose several photographs, all items would be displayed.

Step 3: Select the Share option. The PDF can then be shared or saved locally (tap Save to Files).

2. Photos App — Books Copy

Another simple approach to convert images to PDF format is to share them with the Books app or using a jpeg to pdf converter. This approach automatically stores converted files, which you may access on other iOS devices provided you have iCloud synchronisation enabled for the Books app.

Step 1: Launch the Photos app and long-press the image you wish to convert in the jpeg to pdf converter. Select Share from the context menu.

If you wish to convert several objects, go back to selection mode, choose the photographs you want to convert, and then press the Share icon.

Step 2: On the Share Sheet, in the upper row, hit Books. The image or photos will be converted automatically, and the PDF file will appear in the Books app’s Library area.

You then have a variety of activities to choose from. You can examine the PDF, rename it, annotate and mark it up, and even share it with other applications and contacts.

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