The Best Water Filtration Plant Is Provided By Water Logic In Pakistan

 The Best Water Filtration Plant Is Provided By Water Logic In Pakistan

Water softening and Water Filtration Plant – find out the difference

Water is essential for all household activities. The need for clean and safe water – whether for washing clothes, making tea, or cooking – cannot be ignored. However, the lack of clean, safe, and usable water makes it almost impossible to use tap water directly for various household purposes. While many people are concerned about the quality of drinking water, water used for washing up, laundry, and bathing is often overlooked.

In many Pakistani cities, the water is hard, leaves unsightly stains in the shower, and is harmful to hair and skin. Many people do not realize that polluted and hard water is used in various cleaning and softening processes. Therefore, this blog will explain the difference between softening and Water Filtration Plant price in Pakistan.

The difference between water softening and Water Filtration Plant

Water softening and water purification are two different things. Here are some key differences between water softening and water purification.

Do water softeners purify water?

Hard water is not a health risk, but it does contain high levels of minerals that can affect hair, skin and appliances. The role of a water softener is not to remove contaminants, but to soften the water by removing excess minerals. The primary purpose of a water softener is to prevent limescale from building up in the plumbing system and household appliances. The hardness of water can be removed

By removing the calcium, magnesium, and other hardness-causing ions with a water softener.

Using citric acid changes the behavior of ions and reduces their ability to stick to surfaces.

The second method is not useful for removing hardness from water and requires the use of a water softener. Water softeners exchange calcium and magnesium ions for sodium ions, reduce the hardness and mix them into the water. In other words, water softeners only soften hard water, they do not purify it.

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What is a water softener used for?

If you need something to purify your drinking water, you need a water purifier. Depending on your preference, you can choose between RO, UV or UF water purifiers. Water purifiers are suitable for removing micro-organisms, chemicals and salts from water, making it safe to use. However, in order to know which water purifier to use, a water quality analysis should be carried out.


Many people confuse water purifiers with water softeners. Given the deterioration in water quality, you need to carefully evaluate which product you need for your home. If you have a lot of impurities, hair or dry skin, you need to use a water softener. However, to make your drinking water usable, you need to use a water purifier that produces safe water through a range of purification processes.

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