The Big Problems of the Travel Market and How Orfeus Network Plans to Solve Them

 The Big Problems of the Travel Market and How Orfeus Network Plans to Solve Them

The ORFEUS NETWORK is a decentralized self-developing tourist ecosystem and a blockchain-based travel community of digital nomads around the world. Unlike regular travel agents and agencies that charge a commission ranging from 10% to 35% for their services, the Orfeus Network operates on the concept of zero-commission travel and provides a variety of tourist services at no charge the commission.

Other than that, the Orfeus Network gives access to a digital database or list of travel sites that are verified-protected from viruses and other infectious diseases.

Problems in the travel industry

Travel has now become a core requirement of human beings. Many of us travel for business, but almost all of us need to travel for leisure from time to time. Be it any kind of travel for any purpose, we all want to have the best experience in terms of stay and journey while traveling. In other words, we want to choose the best hotels, flights and cabs with convenience and at the lowest cost possible. At the same time, we want to be safe when traveling to other cities or countries.

The traditional travel ecosystem only gives us limited options and the cost generally rises as we choose more convenient and benefits. Also, there is no way for tourists to find out whether a place is free from infections and viruses.

1. High commission of online travel agencies

The biggest problem of the existing travel ecosystem is that travel agencies charge a hefty commission, in the range of 10% to 35%, for their services, which means customers have to pay extra for everything from accommodation booking to flight booking and other travel-related bookings. This might have a significant impact on the cost of travel.

2. Virus and health issues

The coronavirus pandemic was a major setback for the travel industry. People were afraid to leave their homes, let alone travel for fun or business. Even now when things are returning to normal, tourists prefer to know whether the site they are planning to visit is free from viruses. In other words, they want to be calm and ensure the health safety of their loved ones when traveling.

The ORFEUS Solution to the above problems

The ORFEUS Network provides access to a global tourist platform with the convenience of online travel reservations. From choosing a destination to making convenient & secure online payments and remaining up to date with travel itinerary while ensuring a peaceful and safe trip, everything is accessible within the Orfeus Ecosystem.

Eliminating commission in travel

The primary benefit of the Orfeus network is commission-free traveling, as the network and all its platforms operate on the concept of ‘no charge of commission.’ In other words, you can book flight tickets, hotels and more at the lowest possible rates anytime, any day of the year.

Safe places for travel

Another major benefit of traveling with the Orfeus Network is that the platform offers a preliminary guarantee for the safety of the places chosen for travel.

The Orfeus Network is a global community of travelers and travel service providers working around the cause to enable everyone to access safe international tourism without commissions.

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