The Definite Guide To Private Dining

 The Definite Guide To Private Dining

Are you hosting a special dinner party with friends and family or a business lunch or dinner with coworkers? Whether it’s a modest working lunch in a hotel meeting room, an opulent celebratory blowout, or a small family get-together, booking a private dining room (PDR) for such an occasion can be a difficult task.

The Coronavirus epidemic has turned long-term working arrangements upside down, with new hybrid office working patterns becoming the norm. Many corporations are now looking for private venues for meetings and training events, frequently followed by a group meal for social interaction. Companies increasingly need a location for the entire day in the post-Covid-19 corporate world in order to piece all of these criteria together.

Private Event Type

It’s a basic point, but the type of event you’re hosting will dictate the type of private space you’ll require. You wouldn’t have a corporate meeting in a private room above a pub with no IT, a Techie product launch at a venue with no AV equipment, or a wedding reception or birthday party in a sterile business environment. Of course, there are as many variables as there are private rooms, but it’s important to keep this in mind before becoming overwhelmed by options.

Are you searching for a simple supper in a private room or something more of an ‘event’? Is there going to be a reception, some sort of after-dinner entertainment, or maybe a band and dancing?

The age of your guests will also influence the type of venue you seek. For the baby boomer age, my generation (Generation X), and even younger generations, luxury, and informal dining have quite distinct meanings (Generation Y). Simply put, a nightclub-style environment would not be appropriate for a 50th wedding anniversary party.

Finally, consider the kind of individuals who will attend your event and the food supplied at venues — meat feasts are inappropriate for vegans, shellfish restaurants are unsuitable for Jewish parties, and so on.

When Will Your Private Dining Event Take Place?

The sort of eating space you choose will be influenced by the date of your event. If you’re having a private dinner or wedding reception in December, a cozy room or venue in a basement or without natural daylight may be ideal because the weather can’t add to the ambiance of your event, but the internal surroundings can. If the event is in the middle of summer, you may want to have a private room with a balcony, garden access, or a conservatory space that allows your event to take advantage of the weather.

How Much Should You Spend On A Private Dining Experience?

Set a reasonable budget for the number of people attending and the type of event you’re hosting. This varies depending on whether you’re hosting a private meal on a business bill, a tab split by friends, or a unique treat paid for by one person. For exclusive hiring of an excellent London venue, you can spend anywhere from a few hundred pounds to even tens of thousands of pounds, so it’s vital to have an idea of spending before you begin.

What Is A Good Layout For A Private Dining Occasion?

There are a million different table configurations, but the most common are round tables, long tables, a U-shape, or seminar/theatre format. Some locations have custom-made tables that cannot be moved or adjusted, so your dining arrangements will have to work around them.

Others provide completely customizable meal options based on customer preferences and the number of people in the room. If you have the opportunity, think about your hearing abilities (if your guests are older, you might be better off having two smaller rounds than one large square so that they can hear more easily). Similarly, instead of two rounds for the meal, having one long table may allow for more space in the private area for a pre-dinner reception.

Final Thoughts

Food and refreshments are nearly often included when renting a private room. There are lots of options available, from a tea, coffee, wine pairing and biscuit welcome before a lecture or conference to a buffet or working lunch, a canapé reception, a multi-course meal, and a silver service dinner suit most budgets.

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