The Difference between Fillers and Botox

 The Difference between Fillers and Botox

Woman receiving botox injection

The treatment options for wrinkles are becoming increasingly available. There are numerous over-the-counter products that people can access anytime, while people are also making numerous visits to their skin care specialists more regularly than was the case some years ago. Some of the available treatments that have been proved to be effective are fillers and Botox. Each of these two procedures is effective for wrinkles, but when it comes to fillers vs Botox, what is the difference?


Botox helps to relax the muscles and it’s manufactured from some species of bacteria that are available out there. Botox has been around for slightly more than 20 years and has been incredibly useful in treating neurological disorders that are responsible for causing weakness of the muscles. Also, Botox has been used to treat migraines and a variety of other medical conditions.

Also, Botox has been used to treat wrinkles, but it works better with dynamic wrinkles. These are the type of wrinkles that naturally occur around the mouth and eyes and also between the eyebrows. 

As your age advances, they become more common. By injecting Botox, the muscles can relax and the wrinkles start to get away. However, you will find that Botox doesn’t work better for lines that have been caused by a breakdown of collagens.

Your healthcare provider will look at the muscles that contribute to the wrinkles that occur on your skin before deciding to treat them by injecting them at that specific point. The entire Botox injection process takes just a few minutes and the results will get visible within 2 weeks after application.

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are also used in treating wrinkles that appear on the facial area and they are mainly used for the treatment of smile lines. These fillers have also been used for increasing the volume of the cheeks. In some instances, they can be used to treat the hands when there is a need to reduce the occurrence of scars. However, they are not approved for use to increase the volume of the breast and other parts of the body.

The efficacy of Fillers vs Botox

The use of Botox has been proven to produce amazing results for most people. After getting injected, the results will start getting noticeable within a week. Also, the side effects are very few and will disappear after just a short while. For dermal fillers, they are also quite effective and their results can be proven to last for longer when considered to what you would get from Botox treatments. But like in Botox, a maintenance treatment is also necessary when the fillers have started wearing off.

What about their side effects?

Like most medical products, there are a few side effects that are linked to both Botox and fillers. This is why you should discuss it with your healthcare provider in case you have certain pre existing medical conditions. Some of the side effects that Botox users will experience include headaches, bruises, irritation, and redness of the eyes. Also, a patient may experience drooping eyelids. For dermal fillers, some of the side effects include bruising, itching, allergic reactions, and redness, among others.

Bottom line

When it comes to fillers vs Botox, both are effective but work better in different conditions. Also, fillers have more side effects than Botox and may be used together with other medications. It’s important to talk with your healthcare provider and weigh your options before you make a choice.

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