The Foundation for Epilepsy in All Respect

 The Foundation for Epilepsy in All Respect

If you have a neurological Epilepsy, it means your brain is not working properly. It causes unusual weird behaviors. Sometimes you feel a loss of awareness. This disease can develop in both males and females. It can take place any time at any age.


It’s a brain disorder disease. Especially if anyone has a nerve problem that patient can become abnormal. Unusual behaviors take place at any time. It causes chronic disorders which leads to cause sudden rush of electrical activity on your brain. There are some causes of this disease like traumatic brain injury, serious illness with high fever, other vascular diseases, lack of oxygen on the brain, brain tumor, and cyst, genetic disorders, neurological diseases, a stroke which can take place on the age of thirty-five years old.

Epilepsy Symptoms:

Alterations of sense and tastes, smell, dizziness, hearing, and twinkling and twitching of limbs these symptoms are for partial seizures. And the complex partial involves the loss of awareness and also loss of consciousness. And the other symptoms are staring at something blankly, performing the same and repetitive movements, and unresponsiveness.

Epilepsy seizures:

  • Tonic Seizers- it causes muscle stiffness.
  • Atonic seizures- lead you to loss of muscle control and you can fall all of a sudden.
  • Colonic seizures- you will get to feel a jerky muscle movement on the face, neck, and arms.
  • Myoclonic seizures- you will be able to feel a sudden twitching on your arms and legs.
  • Tonic colonic seizures- stiffening of the body, shaking, loss of consciousness, biting on the tongue, loss of bladder and bowel.

Define Epilepsy

If you are facing any neuroglial disorders, and can feel abnormality of the brain, sudden blackouts, shaking of your arms and legs. Changing moods headaches are the main causes of this disease. If you are facing these problems, you should consult your doctors as soon as possible.

What is Epilepsy

It’s a central nervous system which becomes abnormal and started losing consciousness. You will start doing abnormal behaviors. There re various treatments, medicines, and if needed surgery to help control this disease. Many children also face this kind of symptoms and it will get increased as the kid starts growing.

Symptoms of epilepsy

You will feel temporary confusion, starring at something still for hours, you will suddenly start feeling fear of something, anxiety issues, sudden jerking of legs and arms which you can control. These symptoms are different and depend on the types of seizures. You will get to feel various symptoms. You will face many complications like falling, car accidents, pregnancy complications, emotional health issues, drowning.

We are the most popular foundation of epilepsy. We save lives through our community services. We do campaigns and researches and take the initiative and funding on the new therapy. Our foundation is all over the nation. You can visit our websites and even can mail us which we have provided on our websites page if you need any kind of help. Many patients can’t afford their medications and treatments; we raise funds for them so that they can get the best treatments.

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