The Healthy & Unhealthy Outcomes of Plastic Surgery

 The Healthy & Unhealthy Outcomes of Plastic Surgery

Did you know that in 2020, people spent close to $16.7 billion on getting plastic surgery? That’s a staggering amount that should provoke anyone’s thoughts on plastic surgery. Why are people spending so much money on it?

First, you need to understand what plastic surgery means. Most people associate it with beautification procedures. But that’s just one side of it.

Plastic surgery refers to a wide range of practical operations such as craniofacial surgery, reconstructive surgery, and burn treatment among others. So is plastic surgery worth it?

Well, it all depends on your reasons for undertaking it and the risks associated with the procedure. Read on to learn more about the effects of plastic surgery.

Enhancing Appearance

A survey established that two out of five people feel dissatisfied with their natural appearance. Dissatisfaction with your appearance negatively affects your morale. It makes you feel inadequate and lowers your self-esteem.

Some people are initially satisfied with their appearance. However, something alters their appearance in the course of their lives. For instance, an accident that causes physical damage or disease that affected their appearance.

For some of these people, accepting their new reality is a problem. And you can’t blame them because they had the body that they adored and now it’s all gone.

If you are desperate for changing how you look, your thoughts on plastic surgery are justifiable. Cosmetic surgery in particular will align your natural appearance to that look that you desire. It’s safe to assume that the appearance you desire will enhance the look in your eyes.

Improving Your Confidence

Having negative thoughts about your natural appearance has an impact on your self-esteem. Whenever you look at yourself in the mirror, you feel unworthy. When you log into social platforms, you might think you are ugly because everyone’s pictures look prettier.

Ultimately, these thoughts and feelings dip your self-esteem. Fixing or altering those parts of your body that you are uncomfortable with does wonder to your confidence. Once you get this confidence boost, the state of your mental health gradually improves.

A Boost to Your Physical Health

Plastic surgery in some cases will improve the condition of your physical health. Take the case of rhinoplasty surgery. It does more than enhance the shape and appearance of your nose.

If you have respiratory issues and you go for this surgery, it will alleviate the condition. Liposuction is also a great example of plastic surgery that will boost your physical health.

People who sign up for it report that they were able to be more physically active after the procedure. By being more active, these people reduce their chances of contracting diabetes, heart diseases, and blood pressure.

The Results Are Permanent

The outcomes of plastic surgery procedures are permanent in most cases. This gives you the peace of mind to rely on plastic surgery for any purpose. You won’t live worrying that the problem will resurface after some time once you go for plastic surgery operations.

Consider the case of a breast cancer survivor who underwent a mastectomy. The survivor can restore their body image by going for breast reconstruction. If the results of this procedure were to be temporary, the survivor would have to live in eternal fear that they could go back to their previous state.


More people are going for plastic surgery for various reasons. This means the demand for these services is shooting. The good thing is that more health facilities are including plastic surgery as part of their services to meet the demand.

It’s therefore fairly easy to find a clinic nearby for plastic surgery services when the need arises. Further, the concept of cosmetic tourism has been gaining traction over recent years. It enables more people to get plastic surgery services abroad with ease.

The Exorbitant Cost

It’s an open secret that plastic surgery services are a preserve for the well-to-do. For example, the average cost of getting a facelift is $8,005. However, the cost of plastic surgery services depends on the nature of the procedure.

Cosmetic surgery is ostensibly the most exorbitant one. The other procedures are relatively affordable for most people. You can access them through various financial options that facilities have.

The Chances of Unmet Expectations: Is Plastic Surgery Worth It?

People sign up for plastic surgery services with an expectation of a desirable outcome. The adjustments that specialists make to your body could have been desirable before the specialists implemented them. However, your appearance may not be the same as you’d expected after the procedure.

The situation will fill you with regret and disappointment. Save yourself from this trouble by conducting thorough research on a procedure before committing to it.

The Recovery Time

The recovery time for plastic surgery can be quite lengthy depending on the procedure. This period can last from weeks to months and you have to patiently wait for it to get over. The implication is that you’ll be forced to bring your life to a halt after a surgery procedure.

During the recovery, you’ll experience pain, bruising, swelling occasionally. It’s common for people to get anxious because of these side effects thus they resort to the use of painkillers. This is only advisable if your doctor has recommended them.

There are various steps you can take to reduce post-operative bruising and swelling. Click here to learn more.

The Right Surgeon

Finding someone you can entrust your life to can be challenging. Especially when you are new to these procedures or your location doesn’t have enough plastic surgeons for consultancy. But don’t let this discourage you from seeking plastic surgery services.

Weigh Your Options

You have to weigh your options when asking yourself “is plastic surgery worth it?” Plastic surgery can be beneficial for you when you have legitimate reasons to pursue it. Working with a facility that has the accreditation to provide these services increases the chances of success of the procedure.

Note that each procedure has its risks and benefits. Compare the risks and rewards to determine if a procedure suits you. Discover informative articles like this by browsing through the website.


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