The Importance of Customer Request Aggregator Platforms. How Do They Benefit Online Customers?

 The Importance of Customer Request Aggregator Platforms. How Do They Benefit Online Customers?

Customer request aggregator platforms enable brands, OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), and channel partners to evaluate the end customer’s needs accurately. Therefore, they enhance their ownership experiences, customer satisfaction, and sales. However, this article will discuss the significance of customer request aggregator platforms in a customer’s life. Today, technological advancements are helping customers save their time finding the proper customer support. 

According to a 2017 survey, 49% of the respondents say that their customer service interaction begins online. Modern-day customers want solutions that can simplify this process and maximize efficiency. Aggregator platforms can eliminate customers getting caught in the “what’s the value” or “what’s the price” conversions. Hence, online customers get to save a lot of time. They can instead focus on other aspects of their life. 

For instance, a customer who had purchased a cooking utensil from Prestige a month ago won’t have time to find the Prestige customer care number through phone books or user manuals. They can make random internet searches; however, the results are not accurate enough to solve their query most of the time. A customer who had ordered a fan from Orient electronics may find it challenging to spot the orient customer care number. If they face some issues, they will demand a warranty replacement or product service. 

In such cases, a customer request aggregator can be helpful for them. It will drastically reduce their time to find the right customer service. They can select or book appointments from already tested service centres. In addition to that, they get to enjoy other benefits such as support teams, order fulfilment, request tracking, etc.

We know that modern-day customers are very resourceful. They like to find information or solutions on their own. A customer service aggregator platform enables them to outreach a service organisation more efficiently, without any additional efforts.

How Customer Request Aggregators Benefit Customers?

Service Request Registration Made Simple!

We already got the gist of how customer request aggregators work in the previous section. This section shall discuss the benefits each customer enjoys. The most significant advantage a customer has is that they get to interact, connect, or raise complaints with multiple vendors! 

For example, think about the small details of kitchen appliances, the complex problem a customer would be dealing with. Imagine they bought a machine from Kaff. To resolve their issues, they would need to search the Kaff customer care number across multiple portals on the internet. 

In addition to that, booking or scheduling an inspection might not be possible from those portals. On customer request platforms, you can get the Kaff customer care number and various other service options. A customer request aggregator can combine all your queries and offer you a customized solution.

Customers can use such portals to find information, book technician visits, schedule warranty repairs, de-installation, installation requests, or breakdown requests. Break down requests in case of an AC include queries regarding water or gas leaks, abnormal noise, etc.) They can choose:

  • The brand
  • Product
  • Product model number
  • Type of service required
  • Declaration.

1. Customers can quickly get the information they need.

Customer service request portals offer detailed solutions to some frequently asked questions. You can get product information, tips, hints, etc. You also get to choose from various services for products such as air purifiers, AC, audio/video player, chimney, desktop, dishwasher, four-wheeler, home and gas appliances, home services, kitchen appliances, laptops, etc. Since you get all the necessary service request-related information in one place, you get to foster a high satisfaction rate and positive service experience.

2. Personalised customer experiences

A customer request aggregator platform personalizes your customer experience. You can log in by your name; it keeps your details saved and allows you to track your requests under the “my request” section. Such a platform also holds a record of your past service requests.

3. Allows brands and OEM companies to focus on more significant issues

Customer service request aggregators can compile common and routine questions. In this way, brands, OEMs, and channel partners have a better idea of their product’s performance. They can recognize areas of improvement or areas that require more assistance.

4. Customers can see quick results!

Customers have a single portal with customer service request aggregators to solve their issues and seek product servicing. They can fix or schedule their appointments while paying directly through the portal. Hence, there is no risk or hassle. 

What payment methods do customer service aggregators have? 

Premium and well-reputed customer service aggregators have major debit and credit card payment options. It includes Rupay, Visa, Mastercard, Cirrus, Maestro, Amex, etc. Customers also get the payment options for net banking or UPI via digital wallets.

Is it safe to shop using credit/debit cards on such platforms?

It is fine to have worries and concerns regarding credit or debit card information. To have the safest shopping experience, ensure that the platform processes all payments using a secure encrypted connection. In this manner, your information is kept confidential and secured. 

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