The Main Groups of Surgical Instruments in Surgery

 The Main Groups of Surgical Instruments in Surgery

Coursework: Surgical Instruments:

Surgical instruments. Classification of surgical instruments. Instruments for general purposes in surgery.

General Surgery Instruments can be divided into general-purpose instruments and special instruments. Examples of special collections tools are presented in special evidence for surgical surgery. Tools that a physician of any specialty must know and be able to use.

Classification of surgical instruments. Instruments for general purposes in surgery.

1. To loosen fabrics: scalpels, knives, scissors, saws, chisels, bone, pliers, etc. Cutting tools also include cutting knives used to cut dense tendon tissue near joints and amputation knives.

2. Support tools (expansion, fixation, etc.: anatomical and surgical forceps; blunt and sharp hooks; probes; large wound expanders (mirrors); forceps, Mikulich clamps, etc.

3. Hemostat: clamps (e.g., Kocher, Billroth, Halstead, “Mosquito,” etc.) and Deschamps ligature needles.

4. Tissue adhering tools: needle holders of different systems with piercing and cutting needles.

Surgical instruments used for manipulation should be sterile.

The information needed to master practical skills in operative surgery is not systematic and scattered in many handbooks, making it inaccessible in the learning process for most students.

Based on the literature data and practical experience in teaching the specialty as well as according to the curriculum in surgical surgery for students of the Faculty of Medicine and Preventive Medicine of higher medical, educational institutions in 1997, we have tried to help students acquire the necessary practical skills.

The manual, without prejudice to the program and curricula, is freed from the unnecessary linguistic load (text), which is editorially adapted to the level of Russian language training for foreign students of 3-4 years.

The presentation of the text is accompanied by a large number of illustrations made in the department, in addition to being borrowed from domestic and foreign guidebooks.

This manual can be used in the educational process not only by foreign students but also by students of other colleges and departments in preparation for practical classes, exams, and exams.

General Surgery kit

1. Hemostatic tourniquet

 2. A set of amputation knives.

 3. Raspberry for periosteal displacement

 4. Bow or plate saw, and Jigli wire saw

 5. Liston or Luer bone clippers

 6. File for smoothing sawdust bone

 7. Safety razor blade in Kocher clip for cutting nerve stems

 8. Ollier or Frappe bone holder

 9. Retractor To protect soft tissue when sawing bone and to divert soft tissue before sawing

 10. Folkmann spoon


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