The Most Popular Iconic American Home Design Styles

 The Most Popular Iconic American Home Design Styles

The American style in the interior has been formed for several centuries. It was influenced by both historical events and the national traditions of the peoples who settled on this continent. Therefore, American interior design is so eclectic and diverse, but at the same time discreet and incredibly cozy.

We will reveal the secrets of this design direction and offer many ideas for decorating an American-style house or apartment.

Style formation 

The foundations of interior design on the continent were laid during the development of these lands by Europeans. They already had their own ideas of beauty and convenience, and they brought them with them. Familiar living conditions, recreated in a new place, helped them survive the difficulties. But not everything turned out to be repeated “one on one”.

The nature of America, the climate, the mixture of traditions – all this is reflected in the arrangement of houses. This is how the colonial design appeared, reminiscent of the English classics, but more modest.  

At the beginning of the last century, the inhabitants of the United States were inspired by art deco and, under its influence, transformed their homes, and they became much more sophisticated and luxurious. And Hollywood films have provided this direction with great popularity.

American Style Lovers 

Such a design will appeal to people with democratic views who do not like an ostentatious luxury, excessive brilliance, and variegation, but who at the same time have a desire to create a traditional, solid environment. The main thing for them is a harmonious, calm atmosphere in the house.

Another characteristic feature of lovers of this trend is the habit of living with a large family. American homes are very conducive to receiving guests or to joint family leisure. Open common spaces are needed precisely to ensure that everyone is comfortable. 

Features of the American interior  

In an American home, an open floor plan is harmoniously combined with respect for privacy. All common areas are as open as possible and do not have blind partitions. But the bedrooms and bathrooms are well insulated.

What styles go with American?

This design is good because it quite peacefully coexists with a lot of other directions. Since the English classics, colonial style, and the country stood at its origins, their elements are present in it from the very beginning. Art Deco also influenced the formation of the American school of design and it is natural that it also harmonizes with this style. It has much in common with modernism. But the mix of traditional American style accessories with the modern ones is the way to go.

Modern design allows the presence of loft, ethnic, and scandi style elements. The decor may even come from Asia or Africa. Indian and Mexican souvenirs will also look beautiful.

Character traits  

The difference between housing in the United States and housing in other countries can be seen from the very doorstep. Neither in houses nor in apartments there is a hallway familiar to us. The only exceptions are the northern states, and even then, not always. There is no need in the hallway, since the inhabitants of this country are not used to taking off their street shoes when entering the house, and outerwear can be stored in the dressing room.

US house exterior 

Country private homes in America are different from ours both inside and out. First, consider the exterior of these buildings and the local area. Here are their features:

  • Houses in the US are usually symmetrical, simple in design, and have few floors. One-story houses are considered more convenient, but it is not always possible to build just such housing, so the buildings grow a little up. Attics are not in all houses.
  • The house can have two entrances, main and additional. The second entrance door is located on the side of the courtyard.
  • The buildings have a terrace or veranda, which serves as a place for recreation.
  • Exterior decoration of the house is carried out using environmentally friendly materials.
  • The garage is attached and through it, you can enter the house. The garages themselves are usually large because every adult family member has a car.
  • A lawn is usually planted in front of the house. Landscape design can also be done. Trees are found too. But there are no gardens.
  • If the family has small children, the owners build playgrounds near the house.
  • Barbecue areas are often found in the backyard, as this is one of the favorite leisure activities for Americans.
  • The plots closely border each other and are separated only by a low fence. Neat alleys lead to the houses.

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