The Most Popular Materials For Your Roof

 The Most Popular Materials For Your Roof

When it comes to home renovations, every single detail should be carefully considered and picked. From the different kinds of windows and doors, to gutters, and driveway materials, every part of your home is important and before you make any final decision, a bit of research is advised. Today we’d like to talk about different kinds of roof materials available on the market today. We’d like to point out which ones are the most popular and list the reasons for their popularity, to help you pick the perfect one for your house. 

Slate roof 

Slate roof is incredibly popular because it’s mostly made of natural slate tiles in combination with other slate roofing materials. This material is fairly expensive since the most of the slate is mined in Italy and carefully cut into smaller square tiles to be used on roof. Unlike some other materials, slate tiles are supposed to be installed one by one. This means that, unlike other roofing options that allow you to install up to 3 feet of material at once, slate tiles are installed one at a time. Even though it means more work initially, in case you ever need to replace a part of your roof, you can always replace individual tiles. 

Composite shingle

While they might be a fairly new concept in the roofing industry, composite shingles are gaining popularity daily, and for a good reason. Composite roof shingles are also called synthetic, and they are made of artificial materials, the good new s is that the materials are recycled, making it an efficient way to use old plastic as well as rubber. There are also high-end composite shingled that are made not from recycled materials, but rather engineered polymer. What makes them stand apart is the fact that they are designed to resemble other materials, for example a slate roof or even cedar shake roof. Another thing that sets them apart is their affordability due to the fact that majority comes from recycled materials. 

Metal roof

Even though it’s been around since the 19th century, metal roof will always look and feel like a modern solution. Different kinds of metal sheets and shingles remain popular even after many decades. The reasons for this popularity are many but easy to understand. There is metal for different budget as well as metal for different house style. If you need something elegant and stylish, look into copper roofing and cladding, and if you are on a budget, zinc and aluminum are also a good option. The best thing about metal roofing is that it’ incredibly easy to maintain and replace if anything happens, and it’s also very durable (certain metals can last up to 80 years with proper maintenance). You can also choose between metal sheets and shingles, depending on what style will work best for your house. 

Asphalt shingle

It seems like the majority of homes today have an asphalt shingle roof, and the reason might be because it’s very affordable and easily accessible. For the most part, an asphalt roof consists of asphalt shingles as well as some other asphalt roofing components. What sets this type of roof apart from other kinds is the fact that there are different shingles available to choose no matter what budget you have or the look you want. There are three main types to choose from: luxury, 3-tab, as well as dimensional. Even though 3-tab used to be the most common kind, today dimensional shingles dominate the market instead. Luxury-style, on the other hand, are significantly more expensive which is why they aren’t as common as the other two kinds. 

TPO roof

While it might not be as well-known as some other roofing options, thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO for short) is an incredibly convenient single-ply roofing material. It’s mostly used for commercial and low-slope houses because of its convenience and affordability. Seeing as it can last up to 30 years (and with proper maintenance even longer than that), it’s a good choice for houses. It’s also waterproof and weather-resistant, which means it’s a good choice for houses built in areas with heavy rainfall. TPO roof is also resistant to thermal shock as well as grease, dirt, algae and bacterial. For all this, it remains one of the easiest roofing systems to maintain. 

Roof replacement and renovations are always a big deal, so it’s understandable if you’re looking for more information before you start working on it. Every homeowner’s situations is different, so there is not gong to be one roofing material that will work for all homes. Even though doing research on this topic isn’t always exciting, it’s necessary to do so, because this way you will make the best decision and find the material that will be perfect for your home. 

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