The most renowned video game events

 The most renowned video game events

Video games are taking over society. They are becoming more and more important, from being a hobby to playing video games as a job. In the same way, the video game industry has become one of the leading industries, reaching a very high annual turnover. This leads to the organization of significant events, fairs, tournaments, and days around video games. The most important events in the video game sector are the following:

GDC (Game Developers Conference)

The event held in San Francisco is the most important video game industry. It brings together all the figures in the video game world: designers, programmers, artists, producers, musicians, investors, etc. It goes beyond video games and is also an opportunity to present new releases and get funding. It is an all-in-one event that lasts several weeks, where conferences, awards gala, tournaments, etc. are linked.

E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo)

In California, in Los Angeles, the E3 Expo is also held. Internationally, it is the most prestigious videogame fair. There are three days of exhibition where the big video game companies present their novelties in the different stands that they put up. Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, EA and Activision are the video game developers that most take advantage of E3, as it is the key date to announce new releases.


GamesCom is the most popular expo for both professionals and consumers. In addition, it has in its favor that one of the largest e-sport tournaments is held. Last year more than one million people attended the event, which is held every year in Cologne, Germany. The big difference with E3 is that it focuses more on consumers than industry professionals.

EVO (Evo Championship Series)

Although to witness real e-sport confrontations, the EVO event is the right one. There are tournaments for different video games. At this event in Las Vegas, the best e-sport players in the world come together. And not only popular games like LOL seen, but there are tournaments of the best classic fighting games like Mortal Kombat and others.

Trade fairs focused on game developers

BlizzCon and PlayStation Experience would be examples of this type of events focused on developers. Well, at BlizzCon there are conferences with rounds of questions to the creators. While the PlayStation Experience Sony shows potential, it gets to its best-selling console every year, the PlayStation. Both events are held in California.

Video game events in Asian countries

Finally, Asian countries have created their own events due to the popularity of video games. This is the case of the Tokyo Game Show, where video games developed in Japan are exhibited for a Japanese audience. The G-Start is in Busan, Korea, the country where the video game industry is one of the most powerful, so much so that e-sports are more important than traditional sports.

Similarly, the UAE has been increasingly incorporating new entertainment options in the country from other cultures. For example, a traditional Greek game such as the hunter is now being played in the country. Also, citizens can now access the best online casinos and enjoy their benefits. They have hundreds of great games, from the most classic ones like roulette to the most modern ones like live dealers. In addition, with them, you can opt for free spins and no deposit bonuses. It is best to use a VPN to enjoy these games and keep your data and information safe. For this reason, it has also decided to join in organizing video gaming events with the Playworld Middle East in Dubai. Although it is not just an event for video games, it is also an event for toys, board games and baby games.

The video game industry is constantly growing at an exponential rate. This means that more and more events of international caliber are dedicated to video games. Fairs in which to present new projects, seeking to attract consumers because it is a potential market. That is why Dubai has also wanted to organize a video games event of this magnitude.

At the moment, the dates for 2023 have yet to be discovered. What is certain is that video game events will once again be as in demand as in recent years.

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