The most useful programming languages ​​for hackers

 The most useful programming languages ​​for hackers

The most useful programming languages ​​for hackers

The most useful programming languages ​​for hackers

The most useful programming languages ​​for hackers, A true hacker is a computer genius who must master the hardware and software of his computer. His most important tool is code and, therefore, knowing programming languages ​​is imperative.

If you are wondering what languages ​​​​you must know to become a hacker, then we will tell you a list of the most important ones, each one with a different purpose.


If you want to see how a program works you have to reverse engineer it to break it down into pieces you can understand, for that you need to use assembly language, so you need to learn at least the basics.


Python is a high-level language and it will allow you to create exploits, a necessary tool for any hacker worth his salt and the first step to becoming an expert in computer security.

Here you can get free Python courses: Free Python Courses.

C or C++

C is one of the first high-level languages ​​​​and as such is an inspiration to many others, in C you can create server-side scripts, plus learning it will make it easier for you to understand other languages.

In this course made for beginners to the intermediate-advanced level, you can learn to program in C++:Complete C++ course, from basic to advanced level.


PHP will help you to better understand the website, it is considered one of the best languages ​​​​to make scripts on the internet and you can also create scripts to attack servers and online applications.

Here you can find free PHP courses: Free PHP courses.


Most web pages have inside a database that contains important information, SQL is one of the most important database languages ​​​​and is necessary to start in the world of hacking.

If you want to learn SQL, we leave you this great course: Professional SQL Course, get a deep understanding of how to use SQL.

Of course, there are more important languages ​​​​to become a real hacker, but these cover all the points that you should know at least on the outside. Do you have a recommendation? Leave it in the comments.

Top 10 Programming Languages ​​for Ethical Hacking in 2022

You should not hesitate to pursue Ethical Hacking as a career. Businesses and governments hire ethical hackers and penetration testers to improve their networks, applications, web services, and more.

‘Ethical hacking’ has always been a part of computing, and it’s a very broad field. The job of an ethical hacker is to find loopholes and vulnerabilities in a network or any other protocol.

Essentially, ethical hacking involves professionals gaining access to a system with permissions and without any malicious intent. Many users may be curious to learn about ethical hacking, but it is not an easy task.

A person needs to master some important things to become an ethical hacker. When it comes to being an ethical hacker, learning programming languages ​​comes first. Therefore, if you are willing to become an ethical hacker, make sure you are proficient in one or more programming languages.

List of Top 10 Programming Languages ​​for Ethical Hacking in 2022

Therefore, this article will list some of the best programming languages ​​to help you learn ethical hacking quickly. Let’s take a look.

1. Python

Python is a very popular programming language and an all-time favorite of ethical hackers. It is a high-level programming language known for its versatility. The programming language is mainly used to write exploits in the field of ethical hacking.

Also, the programming language is widely used to write hacking scripts and malware. In the past, Python has been used to create network security tools, sniffing tools, keyloggers, password crackers, and more.

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