The Nastiest New Computer Viruses in 2022

 The Nastiest New Computer Viruses in 2022

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As the world embraces digitization, finding ways to protect yourself against computer viruses has never been more important. Heck, cyberattacks of one form or another cost companies an average of $200,000 to sort out nowadays!

Unfortunately, these types of cybersecurity threats change all the time, making it a challenge to stay on top of the problem. Want to learn about the nastiest new computer viruses so you can put appropriate protections in place?

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Zeus Gameover

If there’s one word that strikes fear into the heart of people who understand malicious software, it’s Trojan.

A classic way for hackers to gain access to devices, this type of malware poses as something legitimate- luring someone to click, download, and let it in. Like the Trojan Horse of Ancient Greek legend, it then gives the cybercriminal access to your sensitive information, bank details, and so on.

Zeus Gameover is an advanced type of Trojan. It gets a bit technical at this point, but by sending sensitive information via independent servers (instead of traditional centralized ones), it becomes impossible to trace peoples’ stolen data.  

Clop Ransomware

Ransomware’s nothing new. Unsuspecting individuals and businesses have been clicking dodgy links and inadvertently downloading this malware onto their devices since the dawn of the internet! With files, folders, and general access to the computer locked away, they’re forced to pay a fee to get everything back.

Clop ransomware takes things to the next level.

A variant of the all-too-common CryptoMix ransomware, it disables applications on Windows 10, stops 600+ Windows processes, and then encrypts everything until you pay the ransom. Worse still, it’s now evolved to impact entire networks instead of “just” individual devices.

News Malware

Imagine getting a legitimate-looking email about a piece of breaking news. In it, you get a glimpse into actual current affairs and see a link prompting you to click for further information. Because it’s a relevant topic and something everyone’s talking about, you click.

…And, oh joy of joys, let malware in as a result! Get ready to have your files copied, personal information stolen, and more.

This particular computer virus rose to prominence in some countries throughout COVID-19, but it’s yet to take off globally. It’s only a matter of time though. Be wary of any unexpected emails, never click on anything suspicious, and (if you’re a business owner) consider IT outsourcing to ensure you have 24/7 protection.

Protect Yourself Against These New Computer Viruses

Whether you’re an individual or a business, cybercrime is becoming a bigger problem with each passing year. Not only are attacks becoming more common, but they’re also having an ever-greater impact!

That’s why it’s so vital to stay on top of the latest threats. Keeping a keen eye on the new computer viruses hitting the net should give you a better chance of protecting yourself. We hope the insights in this article will help you do exactly that.

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