The New 16.0.2 iOS update for iPhones

 The New 16.0.2 iOS update for iPhones

Users know less about their smartphones than anything that a single device is capable of. Apple has developed marvelous iOS over the years that have helped users to perform more than just communicate, connect and co-operate. Apple’s iOS 16 update, released September 12th, 2022, has gained massive success for developing different Focus characteristics, improving customizability options, and providing health, news, and accessibility features beating all previous iOS. 

The question arises, “Is there more?” Since Apple lovers are always hyped for another launch, the luxury brand never fails to impress its audience. Here is yet another release of iOS 16.0.2, the newest update that fixed a few bugs and security issues to renew accessibilities. 

What is the need for iOS 16.0.2? 

It is always best to keep the iPhone as updated as possible to avoid multiple working issues and freezes. Any disruption with the camera, applications, and commands can become problematic for Apple users; hence, Apple services try to update their iOS from time to time. The following reasons prove the requirement of the iOS 16.0.2 update: 

Frequent Bugs 

The primary reason was a few disrupting errors and faults in the iOS 16’s design and development, which kept annoying users who freshly bought iPhone 14 accessories and 14 pros. One of the bugs was malfunctioning the camera to vibrate uncontrollably while the user recorded or snapped clicks. It resulted in poor quality images and blurred photos every time the camera was used or connected with other apps such as Snapchat and Instagram. 

Another bug caused the unavailability of the Voice Over feature every time after rebooting the smartphone. The iOS 16 got sluggish on iPhone X, XR, and iPhone 11 whenever turned on. A message displaying no input touch access would pop up, and the iPhone became unresponsive. The display screen turned jet black as well while the device was in the process of being set up. 

Copy Paste Issue 

Apple claimed it is not normal for the apps to ask permission to access the clipboard every time the user commands the paste option. The iOS should not repeatedly pop up permissions for such attempts; hence the latest iOS 16.0.2 fixed this error too. The iOS 16.0.1 update couldn’t fix the copy-paste bug earlier, though.

What errors did Apple’s iOS 16.0.1 update fix earlier this month? 

It was only dedicated for the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro users for a few critical fixtures such as inactivation and delay of iMessage and FaceTime. The third-party camera using applications took softer and hazier photos when taken in the landscape, panorama, or horizontally on iPhone 14 Pro Max. iOS 16.0.1 fixed this bug and the security authentication problem that kept declining users’ access to sign in for some iOS apps. 


Since iOS 16.0.2 has finally concluded and sorted out all interrupting complications, buyers can get back to the Apple Stores to buy iPhones now! If you are looking for a fresh-out-of-box model, search Apple Store near me to buy iPhone or hop on to other credible websites such as to get hands-on with other wearables, devices, and accessories. Happy Shopping! 

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