The New Era Of The Grocery Store Is Here!

 The New Era Of The Grocery Store Is Here!

The new era of grocery shopping is here! Grocery shopping has gone from a weekly routine to a bi-weekly pleasure. At least for the customers who shop at this new kind of grocery store, grocery shopping has finally become an enjoyable experience. And not only is it fun, but many of these grocery stores offer healthier products right off the bat.

Thanks to movies like “Super Size Me” and “Food Inc.” and the book “Fast Food Nation,” Americans have become more conscious of what they eat. As medical science began to draw attention to the effects of obesity, people also began to pay more attention to what they were eating. Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s are true pioneers in healthy eating, and their recent successes have made it even more apparent that Americans are finally becoming more health-conscious.

So what are New Age grocery stores?

By my definition, they are the grocery stores of the future, new, fresh and creative stores that are popping up all over the United States. These stores have all the departments found in grocery stores, but with the added quality of a food store.

Today, grocery stores offer sushi bars, barbecues, wine tastings, coffee shops, massage parlors, blood testing centers, healthy eating kiosks, and huge delis with hundreds of offerings for every taste New Era Grocery stores are places where you can spend hours strolling the aisles, eating deliciously, and indulging yourself without feeling guilty about filling your belly with things you shouldn’t be eating.

Shopping is no longer a chore, but something to look forward to, something to have an exciting rendezvous with, something that transports us to another world.

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There is still room to grow, improve, and spread the word. There are many successful grocery stores that offer a healthy lifestyle, but they have yet to really revolutionize the way Americans think about food. Healthy lifestyle awareness has become a culture in many American households, and as this culture is saturated in the United States, new opportunities are opening up.

How can we make the most of these opportunities?

Below is a short list of steps to take in the right direction.

  1. Plan ahead Where do you want to shop? How do you want to be perceived by your customers? What about the demographics? What attracts this demographic? Do you need to change the layout of your store? Do you need to hire or fire employees, etc.?
  2. Analyze your competitors. Find competitive advantages and exploit them.
  3. Look for areas where you can save money (e.g., electricity, phone bills, employee transfers, products that always expire, etc.) Put all the money saved into the “new savings plan.”
  4. Have a POS software solution that makes it easy to implement the plan. New products, marketing plans, new store departments, customer incentive programs, etc.
  5. When you have saved enough money, implement your plan.

Finally, good luck. Food retailing is a complex business, but if you plan it carefully and execute it perfectly, you will succeed.

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