The Perfect Seating Ideas For Your House

 The Perfect Seating Ideas For Your House

The Perfect Seating Ideas For Your House

 Are you cramping your style to fit furniture in your house? When it comes to the perfect seating options in your home, the last thing you want is for all your guests and beloved ones to hover around a coffee table with no leg space. After all, it is a space for your family and friends to relax, rejuvenate and feel at ease. So why not make it the most functional, spacious, and stylish? While rebuilding your room from scratch may not be possible, brands like Wakefit offer seating options that come perfectly handy for the seating ideas carefully curated for your room below:

Sitting Bench for Living Room

We are all familiar with the regular couches and chairs as part of seating furniture in living rooms. However, adding a sitting bench to a current seating layout can accommodate more people without a backrest to block views. Pick an upholstered bench that can easily go with your living room or dining space, especially if both are in the same area.

Low Seating Furniture

Probably the most winning tip of all times, adding low seating furniture to your current living room seating layout can add a visual effect of more space. They don’t hover much space with the reduced height and generally give the living room an airy, bright, sink-right-in vibe. Lowered seating also has the option of folding away when not in use, while others can even be pulled out as a bed! No matter how large or small your house is, low seating furniture in India is versatile enough to create the perfect seating solution while being multifunctional too.

Lounge Chair

Don’t have a big budget to upgrade your current, small living room? Invest in a single lounge chair that not only provides extra seating but can add a pop of ‘oomph’ when upholstered. Brands like Wakefit have options like the gorgeous Clarke Lounge Chair, which has cushioned seating, sturdy armrests, and an upholstered pattern that can instantly lift the vibe. An additional benefit of a single lounge chair is that it can be used as part of seating furniture for bedroom spaces to create a cozy reading corner. 

Folding chairs

Enjoy the four seasons comfortably with your guests without splurging on additional garden seating furniture for your balcony. Buy lightweight, folding chairs that can be used as part of your balcony seating furniture to enjoy the views while the weather is great and indoors when there’s an extra guest! 

Seating in Passageways

This works best if you have long, monotonous passageways or a foyer that streams directly into your living room. It works best as seating furniture for the living room. Lend some style to these corridors with stylish chairs accessorized to add personality around them. There are different types of seating furniture you can use to create these spaces; however, the best ones are those that are less bulky and cushioned for comfort. 


Probably the most under-rated piece of furniture but also the most user-friendly, functional one too. Stools come in different shapes and sizes, specific to the area you are looking to place them. For example, bar stools are generally taller and tucked into a bar counter. However, small and moveable stools create a seating solution for any layout. Not only can they be stored away neatly, but they can also be pulled out to use as a footrest or seat even.

Wall Mounted Furniture

Talk about functional and space-saving! Nothing like furniture that can be tucked away neatly when not in use and save the eye from a sore. A comfortable seating area can be created wherever there is wall-mounted furniture like a bookshelf, table, etc. Prop a wall-mounted table and stool as part of seating furniture for the balcony and you have a private space to work among your lovely potted plants!


No matter how small your space, a pouf can add style, comfort, and additional seating immediately. Versatile and elegant, it is available in all colors and can be used as a lazy footrest for an existing seat or as a seat in itself. Tuck it away under a table when not used, or let it sit out as a stand-alone seat. Pouf’s are a great option to spruce up any room you choose.

Do’s and Don’ts of Seating ideas

  1. Do plan your space proactively. Include spaces that can take in additional seating options and measure them properly to ensure the new seat fits well. In addition, understand the flow of space well to ensure the seating doesn’t block traffic.
  2. Do choose the right material for each space. 
  3. Do not choose single-function furniture. Ideally, all seating options must be multi-functional for optimal use.
  4. Do not forget the lighting. Add good lighting to spaces that enhance the look of the seating area. Use floor lamps, chandeliers, or focus lights.

These are some of the seating ideas that can enhance the look of your house, you can place it in the living room, dining room, bedroom, or balcony. They are very versatile and must-have furniture.

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