The Perfect Wardrobe Staples Every Woman Needs

 The Perfect Wardrobe Staples Every Woman Needs

While there’s some truth to the saying that there’s no such thing as too many clothes, it’s also important to recognize how much mindless consumption hurts us and can be wasteful in the long run.

Instead of purchasing everything in sight or getting your hands on everything you like, there are certain essentials and wardrobe staples that you should invest in instead:

A well-fitting maxi dress

Few things in life that are as versatile as modest maxi dresses for women. You can easily style maxi dresses for casual days out, glamorous occasions like parties or date nights, and vacations. They’re feminine, bohemian, and sophisticated all in one, making them the ultimate wardrobe must-have. You can shop for modest dresses in solid colors like this gorgeous olive number or fun prints that can be styled in multiple ways. With some accessories like jewelry, hats, and scarves, you have the perfect boho-chic look!  

Fun, flirty midi dresses

In addition to maxi dresses, every woman also needs a couple of midi dresses. Mid-length, ​​modest women’s dresses are a great investment as wardrobe staples. They might be a tad flirtier than the more covered maxi dresses, but they’re still modest enough to keep you comfortable and prevent you from feeling exposed. They come in so many different silhouettes, styles, patterns, and prints, that you have the option to pick out pieces that match your personal style. Midi dresses are great for summer and daily wear if you prefer more feminine styles in your regular routine, keeping you cool all through the warm weather, and can just as easily be styled with jackets, leggings, and other layers for cooler months.

A versatile, cropped denim jacket

If you don’t already own a denim jacket, you definitely need to get one! Every woman needs to have a denim jacket she can rely on irrespective of the weather or the outfit. We love this cropped denim jacket that hits the waist at a flattering angle, creating an illusion of length, showing off the waist, and giving enough coverage for cool, windy weather. A denim jacket is also a great look for when you want to conceal and not show as much skin as a certain design does. It works for options like halter necks, various sleeveless shirts and dresses, low-cut tops, and even crop tops.

Jeans that flatter your physique

The right pair of jeans can be the difference between confidence and discomfort. You should own at least one or two staple pairs of jeans that flatter your physique and make you feel good about yourself. They could be straight-legged, cropped jeans with a little ripped detailing or even jean shorts that work for errands, vacations, or other outdoor activities. Jeans are such a necessary part of any wardrobe, thanks to their ease, versatility, and comfort, and finding the right pair isn’t all that difficult if you know what to look for.

Blouses that can be dressed up or down

Rather than buying dozens of formal and informal blouses and tops for women, the best thing you can do for your wardrobe is to find multifunctional pieces. Of course, you’ll still have outliers and super dressy options for more special occasions, but a simple trick is to get your hands on shirts that you can both dress up and dress down.

Blouses in neutral prints or solid colors can easily be glammed up with some accessories and fancier bottoms like skirts. They can also be toned down when paired with jeans, shorts, or leggings. Check out some of these great styles and options that are pretty versatile, and get your favorites here.

Comfortable but cute t-shirts

Everyone needs t-shirts that are both flattering yet comfortable. You shouldn’t have to give up your style in order to be comfortable or casual, which is why options like graphic tees are perfect for shaking things up. Graphic tees have fun prints and designs that make them fancy enough to wear around town or even styling them on vacation while still giving you the unbeatable comfort of your coziest t-shirt. Take a look at these great designs to get a feel of what we mean.

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Kristen H. is a mother of three with a passion for fashion, but she is equally passionate about minimalism. She has spent the last three years finding ways to declutter and minimize her clothing hoard to ensure that whatever she owns is functional yet fun for her.

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