The PH of Drain Cleaning and the Risks Involved

 The PH of Drain Cleaning and the Risks Involved

Every single building structure, whether it is a home or a business establishment needs, and indeed has, some form of a drainage system. Since the dawn of indoor plumbing, a slew of drainage problems have plagued homes and offices all over the world. As a result, an infinite number of ways of dealing with these problems have been formulated and often been recommended. The common misconception is that since these are common problems, the solutions are found in the common man much like home remedies for various common ailments. This is a very dangerous presumption, one that can pose very serious health risks and in the worst cases even death. Drain cleaning and battling clogged drains are best left to the professionals.

Today, the average household keeper probably has encountered several drain cleaning solutions already. The process seems relatively easy: just pour the solution onto the drain and wait a few minutes. What most people do not consider is the high probability of things going terribly wrong from the time you open the bottle to the time that solution goes down the drain. The problem lies with the fact that most drain solutions, more commonly known as openers are chemical. Although, recently, enzymatic solutions have been introduced to the market, these chemical drain openers are still the ones primarily used and marketed.

These chemical solutions are either caustic or acidic. The acidic or basic characteristics of the solutions are the main reasons why these solutions are very dangerous. The PH of the solutions are in the extreme ends of the scale. “PH” stands for “the power of hydrogen” in the solution. The farther away the PH of a substance is from 7, which is neither basic nor acidic, the more volatile the substance is. The more common of the acidic solutions used for drains today are sulfuric acids or hydrochloric ones. The caustic solution used most often is the sodium hydroxide caustic soda. These solutions are very volatile.

Whether the solution you use for drain cleaning is caustic or acidic, you risk a great deal in doing so. These solutions can react very violently when they come in contact with other substances. For example, when water finds its way into one of your containers, it may very well explode. When caustic solutions come into contact with acidic solutions a violent chemical reaction which is extremely dangerous will occur. This usually happens when a drain is attempted to be cured with both acidic and caustic solutions consecutively, the chemical reaction confined in the drain pipe will cause a violent surge back to the opening from whence the reacting chemicals came, and this is called the splashback reaction.

These reactions can cause anything from burns on the skin, chemical poisoning, serious wounds, and blindness to even death. Most people who attempt to do these things themselves see the task of dealing with clogged drains as simply one of many household chores to be done and are rarely properly protected. This is why so many accidents happen.

Most people underestimate or even ignore the dangers of drain cleaning solutions and often overlook the importance of hiring a professional. The truth is, this is a job best left to the ones who are adequately equipped with both the training and the right tools for it. save yourself the time and steer clear of the risks of doing it yourself. Professionals are available at any time of day when you need them. There you can choose from the complete range of services and rest assured that the job will be done right and safely.

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