The Simplest Ways to Save Money on a Bathroom Renovation

 The Simplest Ways to Save Money on a Bathroom Renovation

Home renovations and improvements are a never-ending story. There is always something to do and improve, especially if your creativity knows no bounds. With bathroom renovation trends changing from time to time, it can be a bit overwhelming with all the options available. Add to that the hustle and bustle of renovation, the noise, the cost, the mess, etc., and you can see why people are usually hesitant to renovate. In reality, bathroom renovations don’t have to be like this. Tips and tricks exist for all aspects of life, and renovations are no different. The sooner you dive in, the sooner you can start renovating your ideal bathroom and reward yourself with your imaginary certificate of good standing. Nothing is better than the pleasure you give yourself, that is, you achieve what you imagined

1. The first choice is second hand

Don’t look down on slightly used furniture or appliances. When people move, renovate, or need cash, a second-hand market is ideal for you to bank on. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. From bathroom appliances, smart light bulbs, mirrors, baths, boilers, you name it, it exists. One pro tip here is to the brink with you a plumber who knows his stuff so that he can point out what the best deals are. One by one, you will be able to gather and have an entire bathroom collected before you know it.

2. Be your handyman

Maybe you don’t know how to install electrical bathroom appliances or tiles, but there are smaller and easier jobs that you can do. With a quick YouTube tutorial, you can paint walls, and install toilers, and faucets or glass panes. Knowing your limits and when to stop and reach out to professionals is crucial and should not be overlooked. When it comes to tile placement or professional mold removal, it’s always better to outsource such jobs to trained and experienced professionals.

3. Use all contacts you have

Not just yours, you can also reach out to your contractors and designers’ contacts, the so-called sub-contractor. Going with the option of friends and relatives is fine, but here we advise caution. Non-licensed and un-experienced work can be cheaper at the start. Over time or if the worse is to come, the mounting costs can instantly skyrocket.

Doing a bit of google research, and reading live reviews can find hidden gems of contractors, like Davidson Washroom, who will surely be able to match and surpass your needs and ideas. Even if a contractor is not able to find or provide that exact item you want, they have a vast and detailed connection list with the entire local and wider industry that you can tap into. They will be more than happy to help.

4. Multiple quotas

One size does not match all. Even if all of your friends recommend that one contractor, don’t get blinded by all the positives. Do your research and investigate thoroughly. Multiple quotations from various agencies provide you with leverage when you want to close in on a deal with your perfect contractor, where only the price is left to iron out. Think of quotation as one more argument in your arsenal when you are negotiating with your future contractor. Most of them will be willing to match the price so that they can seal the deal and get working. You are providing them with the opportunity to make a profit and reputation. Your budget does not have to be broken in the process.

5. Keep the original layout

Imagination can run wild. When you get carried away and swept off your feet with winds of change, that’s when you can easily lose sight of the original idea. Expanding, separating, or doing anything with your bathroom that requires breaking walls, making new, or moving large objects is extremely costly. When you keep your original space but re-arrange or re-design within it, you stay within your budget at the same time. Stand at one end of your bathroom and take a picture. Now you can doodle over it, make imaginary changes and let your designer persona run wild, but within the current limits. Do not get discouraged with what you have but think of what you can achieve with the cards dealt.

6. Discounts do wonders

Looking for the best deals, keeping one ear to the ground, and being subscribed to popular selling sites, let you have first pick at the hottest discounts. Storage cleaning, last season clearance, and flash sales are your allies in your quest for gearing up your ideal bathroom. This additional step may be a bit time-consuming, but the payoff and the cost-to-benefit ratio will more than pay for your time investment.

Making any changes to your surrounding seem like a daunting task before you begin. With each step and change, you make; you will realize how easy it gets to find yourself amid the gist of things. Any change you make is better than none. With that creed, you are one step closer to re-creating your ideal bathroom. We wish you all the best.

Willy Beamen

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