The Timber Vanities: Know the Essentials Details Here

 The Timber Vanities: Know the Essentials Details Here

The bathroom is the starkest place in the house. It harbours a lot of stuff like mirrors, cabinets, and shelves. Offering timber vanities will not only organize the space but will also add a sense of luxury to it. But its set of benefits don’t end up with it. There are several other benefits and usefulness of timber vanities that are highlighted in this blog.

Why go for timber vanities?

Everyone wants to add a sense of regal and warm appeal to their bathroom. There are several ways to do the same. Like adding new fixtures in the bathroom, new lighting, or you can simply add a timber vanity. Wood uniquely blends in all kinds of bathroom setups. The look and the appeal of the bathroom is enhanced drastically with the use of vintage styled timber vanities. But when you are purchasing a wood vanity for your bathroom, you have to consider the moisture level. Choosing the right kind of wood vanity not only enhances the aesthetics but also ensures that your bathroom looks well-organized and beautiful.

MDF or Timber vanities

When it comes to bathroom vanities, then you must choose an MDF or wood vanity. Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) cabinets, unlike real wood, don’t expand and hence don’t allow the water to seep into them. Water can be damaging to your wooden furniture. Hence opting for MDF is a good choice. If you have proper ventilation is a must. This will keep low moisture levels in your bathroom.

To enhance the longevity of the vanity and reduce any kind of impact, you can opt for sealing the backs and edges around the MDF cabinets; you can use oil-based sealer forties. It will prevent warping and shrinking, thus enhancing the life of the vanity.

Special designs for timber vanities

Timber Vanities

If you have decided to go ahead with timber vanities, make sure that you choose the right design. If the design of the bathroom is such that the water will come in contact with the vanity, then you must choose the wall-mounted variety design. These are not only space savers but also look good. Nowadays, people are opting for the floating or wall-mounted vanity because of the following benefits:

  1. It easily sits on the wall, thus reducing the probability of direct contact with water.
  2. It gives additional space for storage.
  3. Cleaning becomes easier with floating timber vanities.
  4. You can customize them as per your need.
  5. Customized to meet and adapt to your personal needs.

Things to consider before investing in timber vanities

If you are planning to add timber vanities to your place, then there are certain key pointers that you must take into account; these include:

  • Choose the right design– It is important to choose the right design of vanity before making the final call. It must complement the look of your bathroom. The internet is the best place to explore the different options.
  • Customize them as per your request– When it comes to installing bathroom vanities, customization is a good option. Timber vanities can be easily customised as per your requirements. There are so many beautifully carved design options available for such vanities.
  • The right size- While timber vanities do look beautiful and attractive, but you cannot just choose any vanity for your bathroom. You have to choose the one that matches the interior of your bathroom and also doesn’t make it overcrowded. Hence remember the size and as per your bathroom.

With the right type of bathroom vanity, you can create a beautiful look and a well-organized bathroom. So, what are you waiting for? Explore the best option and give your bathroom a stylish appeal. Visit the nearest home furnishing and making centres to get a general idea of all the latest trends of bathroom interiors.


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