The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Video Marketing

 The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Video Marketing

The world has come a long way since flyers, newspaper ads, and billboards. In this era of digitization, video is often the primary and most influential type of media.

In the real estate industry too, video content has penetrated the realm of marketing strategy and has become an impactful way of communication. When it comes to long-term investments and high-stake purchases, videos are preferred as an effective aid to display listed properties and connect potential buyers and sellers. Videos capture the essence of real estate in a way written copy and photographs cannot.

The job of a real estate agent is to guide and help clients with the buying and selling of properties, and the role of real estate video marketing is to maximize the reach of potential buyers. But how does this work? Let’s figure it out.

What is Real Estate Video Marketing?

Real estate video marketing is the incorporation of video content in the marketing strategy of your real estate business. A well-executed video marketing strategy has the potential to transform your business in a matter of months. As videos become the prime media component in all spheres of the market, a similar impact has been seen in luxury investments and high-stake businesses as well.

Virtual display, client testimonials, drone overhead shots, and personalized tours are all parts of a real estate video marketing strategy.

How Does Real Estate Video Marketing Work?

Real estate video marketing is more than playing tapes of your properties to convince potential buyers. It is a 360° content distribution strategy that aims at maximizing your business’ visibility using videos that educate and entertain clients.

The need for videos as an initial screening vehicle has arisen out of curiosity and caution. The internet is the focal point for the majority of real estate buyers and investors, and businesses must compete to gain the trust of their clients, which can be achieved by videos.

What are the Benefits of Real Estate Video Marketing?

If you create real estate videos that offer an immersive experience of your products, properties, and services, you will be more likely to attract potential buyers. The rise of video among average internet users attests is proof of its popularity. Videos are a powerful instrument to attract customers of all ages and at every stage.

Here are some statistics to support this:

  • 73% of property owners prefer real estate proposals with videos as a core of the introductory package.
  • Three fourths of all homebuyers watch video tours before opting for physical inspection.
  • Videos attract more traffic and increase lead generation by 300%.
  • Video embedded real estate listings receive 403% more queries than any other form of content.
  • Videos perform better in organic searches and have a longer shelf life.

What is the Best Platform for Real Estate Video Marketing?

Once you’ve established a sustainable video marketing strategy, you can create real estate videos and repurpose your videos on all standard platforms. Videos perform better in all spheres of the internet. Not every potential customer will have access to your website. So, Facebook Marketplace, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram can be a part of your distribution strategy.

Along with this, official real estate publishing sites also carry video embedding and generate excellent leads.

What Is the Best Way to Get Started with Real Estate Video Marketing?

If you already have an online marketing strategy, the transition to video marketing will be hassle-free and easy. Here’s how you can start:

  1. Identify your audience: Instead of producing content that serves every demographic, pinpoint your target audience and tailor your videos to their needs. Targeting your content includes deciding on the way you select frames, project music, and edit your videos.
  2. Produce high-quality videos: Record high-quality videos that serve the purpose of convincing and educating your client. To create real estate videos, invest in video editing software such as InVideo, that gives your content a professional edge.
  3. Select your distribution channel and marketing strategy: You can repurpose your videos on all platforms and channels. Embedding videos on listing sites increases their click-through rates and enables them to stand out. Select a marketing strategy that suits your business’ revenue model.

What Are the Best Types of Videos for Real Estate Video Marketing?

There are four kinds of videos that a real estate business can use in its campaign: introductory, listing, offer, and advice. All of these videos instill confidence in potential buyers. Here’s what these videos entail:

  1. Introductory: An introduction video can showcase the property, its locality, and neighborhood. It can also describe your business and approach to real estate and present your personal brand. It can also introduce your team, working style, previous clients, and the ins and outs of a real estate business.
  2. Listing: Listing videos of your properties is the core of your video strategy. You can step up the game with the use of drones, 3D effects, filters, and professional video editing to produce the best possible listings within a budget.
  3. Offer: Videos displaying quick deals, enticing offers, and general information about prices perform well on social media. From window shoppers to potential buyers, everyone loves the promise of a good deal. You can build your mail list by including a CTA link within the video, enhancing the chances of lead generation.
  4. Advice: “How-to” videos are the most researched and highest performing content on YouTube. Your potential buyer is stressed, overwhelmed, and doubtful about their investment, and you can help them with a short video that guides and advises them. Posting free tools and nuggets of wisdom establishes a relationship of reciprocity. Industry leaders underestimate the weight of their learned knowledge — you can leverage it.


Better videos result in better leads, better conversions, and more loyal customers. As an increasingly online generation navigates its real estate purchasing power, videos will be an instrumental resource to their search. You can make a gradual transition to an effective video marketing strategy and take your to the next level.

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